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Making some a founder

30-11-2004, 20:44
I am sorry if this is not in the right place or if there has already been a post about this. i tried to find one but to no luck.My question is a while back we were part of a region and it broke up when we had differences. We broke almost in half and we each started a new regions.Now the region we were part of has been left untouched and home to a single nation who has been inactive for 24 days. I being a former member of this region would like to be placed as founder and to get it running under control of the former members as we have settled our differences and being that we are commited to our new regions. Would like to still control this region.

Now how can i get someone to make me a founder of this region...can anyone help me out. Thank you for your time and help. Much apperciated.

Right thinking whites
30-11-2004, 21:43
this belongs in moderation

but it wont happen its verry rare a founder is apointed, what you need to do is wait for said inactive nation to die and then after the next system up date simpaly refound there region
30-11-2004, 22:44
I'm afraid founders are only appointed in extreme circumstances. This not being one of them.
30-11-2004, 22:56
Myrth, if I may ask, what exactly are the "extreme circumstances"?

I was appointed Founder of my region following an invasion, but have seen a few similar cases declined.
01-12-2004, 01:12
Myrth, if I may ask, what exactly are the "extreme circumstances"?

I was appointed Founder of my region following an invasion, but have seen a few similar cases declined.

Besides your case, I can think of the following cases when "extreme circumstances" were granted:

Europe (current population: 807) - Request for Founder to keep out spammers, advertisers, etc. granted, shared puppet "EuroFounder" created and designated as Founder.
Hell (current population: 114) - Request for Founder following griefing by Sythia granted pending a designation of the new Founder, regional consensus was not reached on a Founder and the office reverted to the ex-nation Satan.
The Proletariat Coalition (current population: 325) - Old request for Founder granted pending confirmation of Blackbird as Founder, no Founder was appointed as the region then decided that they did not want a Founder.

The common denominator is that all of these regions are fairly large and recreation would be extremely inconvenient.
Right thinking whites
01-12-2004, 02:34
NEW NAZI EUROPE (current pop 1) founder appointed after
1) griefing by the mt army
2) followed by the only native being deated on a report of a false griefing.
In the time after native was deated the mt army refounded the region but sence they would have never been able to have taken it, as a pw was put in place after the griefing, except for the deat of the native the mods instated the native as founder
01-12-2004, 13:25
I see all your points. makes sense.This region i was talking about was called masterdebater Land.Now we are known as Juxtaposition X.As i said Masterdebater land has no founder,nothing,it is dead except for 1 nation who is inactive and will be proably gone in a few days.Some of the old members and myself just wanted to get control back of our old region and not see it get deleted.We would have used it for Something to do with our main region now but i understand why you may not be able to do that.

I understand some regions need it due to greifing and other resaons. But thanks for the info,i really apperciated it.