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Cifictopia deleted for spamming?

26-11-2004, 04:09
1 day ago: Cifictopia:
Hello, fellow Nation States gamers. I represent a region which will soon begin a crusade against all region crashers that we can find. True, it is ironic that it takes a region crasher to take down another, but it is true. We need your help. Think of it. Even though this is a strong region, it can be invaded. By helping us, you help save your selves.


Cifictopia was deleted, and I'm assuming it was for that message. In the region 000, we report spammers quick, and see them die quick. At first I thought it was spam, but it seems like he was asking for an alliance, not wanting other nations to go to his region. He did not name his region, and he had not left the region 000 and go and say this somewhere else. His pop was also at 1 billion. I posted this:

Read Cifictopia's msg closely. I do not think it was spam. He is an ambassador from another region, unless he was deleted for another reason. He had not left this region when he was deleted, and he did not even name the region, he was saying "Help Us" not "Move to our region" I do not believe that was spam. I also think his nation should be brought back.

My question to the mods (I've also filled a get help thing) is was that msg why Cifictopia was deleted? If so, I don't think it was spam. If is was for something else, oh well.
26-11-2004, 10:32
It's probably not important, but I believe that that nation spammed my region a couple of times, as well as various others a few days back. (And it was spammy, 'Move your nation [here]' kind of messages)
Melkor Unchained
26-11-2004, 14:58
It's all a matter of how its interpreted. It seemed like adspam to me, regardless of whether or not his region or alliance was named. He had a record of having done it in the past, in the same region, with two different nations no less. Thus, I felt a GORT was in order.
26-11-2004, 15:21
Ok, I've never seen the guy before and wanted to give him a fair chance.