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Spam in General

25-11-2004, 03:51
Check Al Anbar's threads. He is starting many of them and they are all the same thing.
All of those threads entitled "Daily Aggression against the Palestinian People" are spam. Will the mods please consider putting them all on one big thread like what was done with the MKULTRA links? Thanks.
Tactical Grace
25-11-2004, 15:27
I see no evidence of what you suggest. Therefore I would assume either that your request has been dealt with by another Moderator, or is not necessary at this time.

Tactical Grace
Game Moderator
25-11-2004, 16:21
It's not spam, it's the same as when (forget his name) use to post a thread called "Daily dose of the right" or whatever. It's not all the same thing. Each one is new and updated.

Game Moderator