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Sorry Katganistan

Vittos Ordination
05-11-2004, 22:52
Could you please reinstate Sussudio?

I will freely admit that I was wrong in posting that picture.

In my defense, I had been a good poster for over 400 posts and that one was pixelated and I am pretty sure didn't lead to a porn site.

I was also very fired up over the mocking of the Firebombing of Dresden to Gigatron, that was a low blow, mine was joke.
Vittos Ordination
05-11-2004, 23:23
No mercy?

Oh well, I will be good as long as you don't delete this ID, much better song than Sussudio anyway.
05-11-2004, 23:26
First, Katganistan is a Forum Mod, not a Game Mod. She cannot delete or resurrect nations. So, a Game Mod had to have reviewed the case and agreed that deletion was called for.

Second, inquiries about Moderator actions belong in "Moderation". Hence, iMove "Moderation".

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
Vittos Ordination
05-11-2004, 23:44
I see, apologies all around.

It seems that it is my day to be a fuck up.