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Who The Hell Keeps Closing All The Threads!

The Tribes Of Longton
03-11-2004, 17:21

I was enjoying the python one!

And the vegetable one!

*Head explodes*
Unfree People
03-11-2004, 17:22
If you want to spam, use the Jolt Spam Forum (

Unfree People
Forum Moderator
03-11-2004, 17:23
You do realize that this thread will most likely be locked as well...I hope..
The Tribes Of Longton
03-11-2004, 17:23
I know, I just quite liked those other forums
03-11-2004, 19:17
What makes you believe that swearing at the moderators is an appropriate way in which to ask a question?
03-11-2004, 23:58
you could also go spam in forum 7... oh wait.. they killed forum 7

right right i'll leave now