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closed: Het Vijfde Nederlandse Topic! (merged)

Haken Rider
01-11-2004, 10:49
The topic "Het Vijfde Nederlandse Topic! (merged)" ("the fifth Dutch topic")was closed after protest of Dutchies who didn't like the fact that tradition was broaken. Still, I think it's a shame it shall go away, because so far it was already good entertainment.
Can't we find a solution? Maybe open it when "Het Vierde Nederlandse Topic! (merged)" ("the fourth Dutch topic"), which is still active, is full?
HC Eredivisie
01-11-2004, 14:25
only if we can have a poll in the fifth one.
The Blaatschapen
01-11-2004, 14:29
I agree with HC.
Haken Rider
02-11-2004, 10:45
I don't think you can change that :(
HC Eredivisie
02-11-2004, 14:17
I don't think you can change that :(
maybe a mod can, and why did you include the 'merged' in the title?
02-11-2004, 14:26
There's no point to having two identical (from a moderator point of view) topics in the front pages of the General forum.
Haken Rider
02-11-2004, 21:55
No, no you misred my post. I suggested the fifth topic should be re-opened when the fourth one is full.