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Amicus curiae
31-08-2004, 13:04
The Dictatorship of Spud the crazy potato spammed the complete HQ of the rejected realms with:

We are powerful. We will rule the world. But most importantly, WE HAVE LOLLIPOPS.

join 'legion of the dead'

and The Federation of The killer carrots does it at this moment on the pacific hq.

yes! this is the same guy who also spammed mine and other players regions!

(edit: he now does the north pacific)
31-08-2004, 14:18
"Legion of the Dead". Hmmm.... UN multies and region-spammers. Yep, they're dead, all right. :D

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
Crazy girl
31-08-2004, 16:05
*hands coggy his apple juice, for cleaning the rr up*

AC, come grab a drink too, thanks for reporting this ;)

and coggy, seems you got new fans:

71 minutes ago The Kingdom of The monsters who the hell are you moderators what sre they u lot are stupid(mods) u should go and get a life you lot are gay!!
40 minutes ago The Republic of The killer carrots 2 hi i'm back the mod will never take me down
31-08-2004, 17:58
Some people's kids... :rolleyes:

Well, I guess were it not for people like that, the mods would not have a job. Or, maybe it would not be as fun? :p