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Delete Me Please!!

30-08-2004, 19:39
Please great and mighty Mod's delete my nation. I am trying out a new nation and would like this one gone, thank you.
30-08-2004, 19:49
Stop logging in. Change the password to some random combo if you must. Make sure it's not set on Vacation mode, and just stop logging in to it. It'll die in 28 days.

Mods don't delete nations except in special circumstances. And you really don't want the reputation it takes to become special.
30-08-2004, 20:03
We don't delete nations except for rule violations. I would suggest just not logging into the nation and it will delete it's self after 28 or so days. If you wish it brought back at some point if you change your mind, simply put in a request in the getting help section.

Game Moderator