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Oh my god-a chicken handout?!

Slaughter houses inc
21-08-2004, 16:39
You want a right-winged goverment that doesn't give a toss about it's citizens (for all we care, you could be rotting in a barn with a molvanian farmer called frujisjick). However, we strongly disapprove of schools and medical services and have our own answer to the NHS- a trip to Olga's slaughter house with a can of special Uzbek brew (vodka mixed with liquidised cow dung). If we ever get our act together...join us!!! Join us now and recieve a free pass to the ever famous Uzbekistanian flea market, with REAL fleas!!

:sniper: :mp5: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :mp5: :sniper:
HC Eredivisie
21-08-2004, 16:59
spam? :confused:
21-08-2004, 17:11
10 identical posts so far, with no rhyme or reason as to placement. Why somebody creates a nation expressly for the purpose of death-by-mod evades me ...
21-08-2004, 18:04
Alrighty, seeing as you felt the need to spam up the forums with crap, I feel the need to forumban.

See you in a week. (
Ruler of the Cosmos
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