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My words are being copied and edited...

19-08-2004, 14:13
Hallo, some time ago I joined a region. But I left because I had the feeling they were a bunch of Region-Crashing nOObs, my feelings seemed to be right, for many of them were deleted a few days after because of violation of the NS rules (e.i multiply UN nations).

Though they have not stopped being irritating, one of them insulted me for being a 27yr old geek, I reported this and I kept the TG in my box for several days, but apparently the mods didn't see this as an insult.

Now the region's founder (a new nation, his old one was deleted because he violated some rules, I believe) has copied and pasted a post of mine: (the parts in Black he put in, the part between [] are mine.
The New Order [government of Lesser-Sozy] hereby declares the end of the Germanische Neo-Batavische gronden of 't Batavische Rîkea. Right winged Libertarians took complete control over the three Northern provinces previously ruled by tribalist governments. The para-military wing of new Ordians [] international Libertarian revolutionaries have constructed a provisional government. The KPS will try to brign the nation from a Fascist-tribalist society to a moderate free-market democracy, and, finally to a Libertarian Utopia.

Later I sent a TG to a nation because IMO he was insulting in their messageboard, I sent this message (again this was edited)

11 hours ago The Dictatorship of Intelligence sector 4
Drought has reached the idyllic hilly woodlands of The new Order [Lesser-Sozy], the Wolves are hungry and eager to slaughter their own kind. But the shall not, for they know the enemy is external and does not live among the flocks. It are the irrational [foreign, I believe] rodents Ellymacp, Lesser - Sozy, Bottomsians . They asked us to stop our hatemongering, the common wolves said... The wolves' elders discuss will our alleged hatemongering end theirs? We surely doubt...

Is it allowed to copy and paste and edit other men's words? They did this quite often and it gets quite irritating right now.
19-08-2004, 15:31
If they did it on their own regional board? Yes, that is not against NS rules. It is lame, but NS moderators will not do anything against it. You are adviced to stay away from their board from now on.
19-08-2004, 15:58
Oh the angst :rolleyes:
19-08-2004, 16:37
Oooooo!! The humanity of it all!! :rolleyes:
19-08-2004, 16:51
Okay, thank you.
Well I assume that spending your time on copying someone's posts and then edit them is a punishment enough, lol.
19-08-2004, 16:54
You posted in a public place, whether on the regional civil hq or on an off-site forum. In any case, I sincerely doubt there is anything that the mods will do about this, nor is there anything that you can legally do about it. You should probably heed Cassandrah's advise. If you don't want people to read and use your words, don't post anything.
Tuesday Heights
19-08-2004, 18:10
It's a dirty-handed tactics, but it happens.
19-08-2004, 18:27
There are laws about privacy, but they don't cover mod edits.
19-08-2004, 21:33
It's a dirty-handed tactics, but it happens.
I agree with TH. Cry me a river if you will, but, this is the internet, and unless someone is doing something to foster the growth of unhealthy paranoia, then you really can't do anything about the moron... Shit happens...