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Sticky Consolidation in Moderation?

17-08-2004, 19:12
There are currently 11 stickies in Moderation. Four of them are locked. With a default of 25 listed topics per page, that's a lot of real estate devoted to stickies.

Would there be any possibility of gathering the meat from several of these into a single, locked topic? I'm thinking that some or all of the following could be combined into a single Master List of Moderation Guidelines locked topic: Glossary of Forbidden Actions Guidelines for Scripts About the recent 'nation hacks' (and how to avoid it) The Best Way to Get Help from the Game Mods Moderation 4 U All about Moderators, Plus How to Become One How To Get a Nation Back From the DeadSome of the topics appear to still be inviting comment, such as Invader rules and Scripts; but many of the rest aren't impacted by having new posts added to them. Quite a few newer members add stuff to a stickied topic that really ought to be in a new standalone topic, to be resolved and allowed to drift into history.

Were I to attempt this, I'd sneak off to a hidden forum, do all the work, and dump the locked thread in here as a fait accompli. I realize this would be a chore for whomever took it on, and there are inevitable issues relating to such things as crediting the original author and such. Still, I think it would be worthwhile. Any of you Mods willing to take this on?
17-08-2004, 22:10
A lot of them are probably ready for de-stickying.
I'm not really inclined to do this with the Moderation stickies as was done with the Tech and Gameplay stickies, because it is necessary to have eye-catching titles out there for people to see so they don't end up posting things that should go in the Getting Help page in here etc.