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31-07-2004, 18:24
I am a recruiter, and telegram newly created nations in the pacific. Recently, I got a complaint from one new nation, saying I had tgd 3 of his nations, have been reported, and will be deleted.

Its not spam if its pacific nations, right?
31-07-2004, 18:28
No, it is not illegal. You can't tell who's puppet it is that was created. I even sent a recruitment TG to a Mythical modified puppet :sniper:
It didn't join my region, though :p
Tuesday Heights
31-07-2004, 19:10
Yeah, I get that all the time; I'll telegram more than one puppet of someone's, they're say they're going to report me, and I just let it go.

Sometimes you can tell if they're the same person (based on the name), sometimes you can't; I always assume that newly founded nations are owned by differnet people just so I don't have to worry about it.