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Thank you Moderators...

23-05-2004, 22:32
Well, I suppose I'm back and all, yet I have not thanked you Moderators for what you did to assist my ability to continue Role Playing on the Boards.

My Father passed May 12, of this year, and around that time you put my nations in Vacation mode. I thank you, and I TRULY THANK TROUSRS for allowing them to know.

Thanks again Mods of NationStates, you truly are good Moderators... :)
23-05-2004, 22:34
:) Any time Nodea.
23-05-2004, 22:50
23-05-2004, 22:50
On behalf of the Moderators of NationStates:

No probs.
23-05-2004, 22:50
:D :D