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Mods-Flaming Filth TG in German

17-05-2004, 19:37
I've about had it with this.

I'd like a mod to check my inbox and take a look at the tg that's there.Then to possibly do an IP check and consider banning this jerk.

I've gotten spam from my "friends" in nazi europe and I think this nation is connected with them,maybe check his IP against theirs.

The very name of this nation translated to English is "F you",which is a violation of the TOS.

I get offended when I get a tg in German that:

"Calls me a hermaphrodyte,an ape and tells me to F*** myself in the same sentence".Don't take my word,translate it yourself.

Any action taken here is appreciated,Thank you for your time.
Tuesday Heights
18-05-2004, 00:19
Don't delete the TG, and file a Getting Help request.

<--- not a mod.
18-05-2004, 04:34
Ubedarn brings up a good point.
The professed Nazis in NAZI Europe are upset about us who are legally challenging them, without so much us using ejections or griefing.

I seem to recall a translater program -- Babelfish?

Please anyone who knows about it post its address in this thread

Also, I think I was flamed in plain English with *'s from Nazi Cuba --
See the forum posting in International Incidents --

R E Lee
18-05-2004, 05:08
Ubedarn, you never seem to get much love from people. Wonder what you did to piss people off.

Now Orleans there is a legitimate debate about whether your takeover is really legitimate :wink:
Aryan Socialist
18-05-2004, 05:11
I believe that Ubedarn and I have received telegram's from the same nation. The nation I am referring to is called Fick Dich.Fick Dich telegramed me the very first day (s)he created the nation, saying F*** You in German. (S)he thought that I was Reformed Germany. When I tg'ed Fick Dich back telling him/her that I'm not Reformed Germany, they apologized and the nation has set inactive for 20 day's, until today. I know this because, I put this nation on my dossier a long time ago. Suddenly I have received two TG's from this nation today and, I've had to resort to using the ignore option for the first time. I still have the TG's and one sitting there from Nazi Cuba. The nation Fick Dich stays in The South Pacific and has remained there since the day it was created. If I'm not mistaken, Fick Dich when translated say's F*** You. Generally I'm not in these threads but, something need's to be done about this nation. Wouldn't this be classified as violating Nation States TOS? (nations name, ect)
Aryan Socialist
18-05-2004, 05:28
Ubedarn, you never seem to get much love from people. Wonder what you did to piss people off.

Now Orleans there is a legitimate debate about whether your takeover is really legitimate :wink:

Please DO NOT come in here spamming/hijacking our thread. These post's will only lead to flamebaiting/flaming. :x
18-05-2004, 10:04
Helping hand, errr, link :

Altavista Babel Fish Translation Page (

Its, interestingly enough, where I got my french from, :wink:

Hope it is of help.

- Le Représentant de Komokom.

Ministre Régional de Substance.
L'Ordre de Vaillant États. (
Aspirez a la legalite avec l'egalite

<--- Not a Moderator, just a Know It All.
The Most Glorious Hack
18-05-2004, 10:35
Problem solved.
18-05-2004, 11:19
Thank you for your time,Hack 8)
19-05-2004, 00:19
Suicide by Mod DENIED!
19-05-2004, 00:43
*starts timer*
19-05-2004, 01:44
The Mods are your friends if you play nice.

Ladies and gentlemen,we've just witnessed a 15yr old boy go insane. 8)
19-05-2004, 02:45
It seems I made a mistake,he's almost 16 yrs old :?

Will the mods please check my inbox again,it just filled up with the rantings of an "almost 16yr old" boy.

Thank You
19-05-2004, 03:41
PuertoCentro (notice no space inbetween Puerto and Centro)
is still in Imperial Europe. Though neutered, he has a very offensive motto:


No one should be flamed like Ubedarn has been flamed

Thank you for your consideration

8) for the Emir of The Isle of Orleans
(He's in Imperial Europe)