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The Free Land of Bhagavan was wronfully deleted

The Avenging Angels
10-05-2004, 15:42
I was warned by the mods for spamming once, and after that I stopped. I had stopped spamming before I was warned the first time. The federation of VOIA was spamming Ille de Frances region boards and TGing people in my region to leave before DEN invades and told them good regions to go to, that is where I was delegate. I found out VOIA might be with DEN and that VOIA was run by The Colony of Vilita. I confronted Vilita and sent several TGS to him asking him about this and also asking him to remove federation of VOIA from my region or I would report him to the moderators. I also posted a brief advert on one or two of the pacific boards, but I was told this was allowed and it was okay because the pacifics are a feeder region. I was deleted shortly after I had confronted vilita and believe I was deleted for no good reason. Since, i was warned by the mods, I have not spammed anyone. I wish to have my nation The Free Land of Bhagavan brought back and revived.
Gothic Kitty
10-05-2004, 15:54
<------- Not a Moderator

From my point of view, you did sent a whole lot of TGs to Vilita. Could that have been seen as spam?
10-05-2004, 15:57
If several telegrams means 15 telegrams or so and their inbox was flooded then that would be warning numero 2. So it would appear that there is more to this, we will need to wait for a Mod to winch themselves down from the clouds.
The Avenging Angels
10-05-2004, 16:02
I sent probalby 4 telegrams to him, one was an apology by the way. His little puppet nations were spamming my region message board left and right and TGing every nation in my region to telling them to leave. I think that is much worse then four telegrams being sent. Vilita has a tendency to manipulate or at least thats what I have seen from his little puppet nations that he uses. He, also has a tendency to distort the truth and twist it to his benefit.
10-05-2004, 16:53
I was speaking with a couple of mods this morning in our IRC chat.. I know for a fact a TG was sent to this person telling them why they were deleted. This post is redundant.


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