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Still getting flamed

07-05-2004, 23:05
See this thread for further explanation:


Anyways, the person formally known as Muffin has a puppet, which has flamed me yet again. Twice in fact.

Seen on his region:

The Theocracy of The Six Murderesses
*leaves previous region in a huff*

I need somewhere to sit before I probably get wrongfully deleted like the rest of my nations because of some stupid twat. Thank you for your time!

Seen on my region:

The Theocracy of The Six Murderesses Not to spam so oh please dear god do not report me to the mods, but I am posting something that pertains to your nation, dear Colodia,

It's about your leader.

He's a fricking jerk! I am so freaking angry at you! How dare you report me for tg'ing you while you spam our board with idiocy of "oh, look at me now". May your region crumble and you bald early.

Czarina I-Am-Not-Dying-Any-Time-Soon Sybil Christiansen

I'm guessing he's reffering to me, I doubt he has beef with anyone else

I mean really...I just want to be left in peace, not have to see this!
Tuesday Heights
08-05-2004, 15:17
Why can't you just ignore the flaming, Colodia?
08-05-2004, 23:15
Kinda hard to ignore something that's been happening for quite a few months

I want the flaming to flat out stop.