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Who Polices the Police?

22-04-2004, 20:11
Recent controvertial threads have opened up the question who moderates the mods? The same arguments seem to be dragged out again and again "this isn't democracy live with it', 'there are kids on this server" for example. Im sorry this simply isn't right. Certain mods are using their powers and excuses like these to censor material that they personally don't agree with. Please could someone tell me who does moderate the mods.
22-04-2004, 20:46
Max Barry.

To file a complaint about the mods ---> admin(at)
22-04-2004, 21:18
I think that was a rhetorical question, Goobergunchia -- because it certainly has been answered ad nauseum, often to the very people posing it, and VERY often by the mods themselves. But, in case anyone's missed it....

To complain about the moderators of this forum, send an e-mail to

They do answer. It just may not be the answer you wish to hear.

22-04-2004, 22:11
The mods are all powerful... well almost. they answer only 2 max, who plays with our minds.

Kwas out.
Tactical Grace
23-04-2004, 04:02
Katganistan is correct. The address is where you go if you really must complain to someone higher up. However, I must note that challenging any ruling based on the age of the users of this site is likely to be futile.

Tactical Grace
Forum Moderator
The Resi Corporation
23-04-2004, 04:23
There once was a nation named Gerny that attempted to complain every time it saw something that it thought was inappropriate for younger viewers on NationStates. It eventually got DEATed for spamming its repremands.

How ironic is that? :P
Tuesday Heights
23-04-2004, 04:24
Since Max Barry owns the rights to this site and the site itself, he can choose to run the site legally by any means he wishes. That means he can make any rules or ruling he wants.

Everyone needs to learn how to grow up and just deal with it. There are more important things in the grand scheme of life than complaining about a free internet role-playing game.

<--- not a moderator.
Attitude 910
23-04-2004, 04:29
The real HLF2,

Why are still complaining about the mods?

I thought you gave up on that