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Password for LUE

21-04-2004, 19:40
My nation Spoffin The Ambassador has been residing in LUE for about a month now. Two weeks ago, the region was invaded and the password changed. I was sent what I believed at the time to be the correct password, however testing it now I find that it is not.

I don't want anyone deleted or given a strike or whatever, but I would like the password for LUE, if I am entitled to it (as I believe that I am).
1 Infinite Loop
22-04-2004, 02:28
Perhaps the password has since changed, you should really ask the Delegate for it.
Tuesday Heights
22-04-2004, 04:55
Yes, wouldn't posting a message here automatically send the moderators to the region to investiage for griefing?
22-04-2004, 17:08
Perhaps the password has since changed, you should really ask the Delegate for it.It hasn't. The regional ticker still lists his password change and at the same time as the TM he sent me.
23-04-2004, 03:13
Ahh LUE...I was in the GameFAQS LUE at the start of the year...good times!
23-04-2004, 16:49
Thank you whoever removed the password.
25-04-2004, 00:50
Sorry, I thought this was done, but something came up.

The nation who changed the password sent me a... deliberately unhelpful telegram. He appears not to know the rules about passwords (either that or he advocates breaking the rules deliberately), and it'd be really great if someone could explain things to him, if it hasn't already been done. The nation is Rahab Legion and his TM is in my inbox, and my response is in his. (I'm not airing dirty laundry btw, the name of the delegate is publicly accessible by looking at the LUE regional happenings board)
25-04-2004, 21:21