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14-04-2004, 17:21
You know what would be good? If the mods cracked down on Flamebait.
This is a political discussion board, they should have enough experience to know the difference between controversy and outright trolling.

Trolling like this, Clicky (

Its not that I find this topic particularly baitish. Its just the bait tends to generate the most replys. More replys means more traffic, and more traffic means more connection Timeouts.

Why should we suffer So some fool can inflate his ego by starting a shitstorm? I think that Mods should read these threads (Because they will already be a few pages long before they get to them) And if there is no potential for meaningful debate or its all just going around in circles the topic should be deleted and the creator be warned.

I may not get out much. But I think this is themost spam friendly Board I've been too. It seems the mods are far more concerned that someone will get sued rather that the pointless topics are taking up space.
Oh well, at least they put a page limit on threads.
14-04-2004, 17:45
First off, we do crack down on flamebait. Very much so. We haven't done so for this topic is because it isn't flamebait, or trolling. This is simply a debate on world views on America. Nothing wrong with that.

Second thing: the point of any debate, nay any thread, is that it generates replies. When we move to Jolt, there will be no more problems with timeouts anyway.

Third thing: that topic has plenty of room for meaningful debate. Some debate well, like Bottle, and some don't. That's just the way it is, we're all different.

Fourth thing: we will not warn or delete someone for making a political thread on ground that has already been covered - that would grind General to a stop, and is not want admin wants us to do in anycase.

Finally, we are very much against spam. I've seen plenty of forums which have whole sections dedicated to it. So no, I do not think we are lax in that respect.

I for one have never worried about anyone getting sued. That's for rulebreakers to worry about.