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Steel Butterfly
13-03-2004, 21:45
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After he spammed in page 17 of my RP (spam is roughly defined as unwanted messages) I posted telling him not to, and giving him options to discuss my decision on my RP. He then decided to rant on about how he can role play and challege me and stuff, distracting the thread from the topic of my Civil War.

His knowledge of basic grammar does not exclude him from obtaining the title of spammer, and I hope that this is dealt with swiftly, in the name of all RPers.

If we cannot guarrentee that our RP's will be open to those who we wish to RP with, than having an RP seems rather pointless. I resent his posts, both his IC one and his OOC one. I would ask you to delete only his OOC one though, because while his IC one is just bad RPing, his OOC one takes up too much room and is nothing more than flamebait.

Thank you.
13-03-2004, 22:25
Indeed, Steel Butterfly, Indeed.

With Respect to your title given by your Skills, Elite Role Player, I will now express and show submission to your wish. I posted only to keep things interesting, however, seeing as you are stern on your wish to maintain a proper and excellent envirnment for Role Playing, which I myself have experienced, I shall obide by your wish and submit to your demans.

I had no intentions of Insulting Fellow Role Players, but, indeed, I am a Newbie to this Universe of Role Playing, and, as in the past with other Universes, I have experienced this once or twice in each, correcting myself each time ro represent the respectful person I am to others.

Thank you for expressing your concern on the matter, which, intern, I shall no longer proceed to indulge upon in my thoughs IRL or any matter. For, I keep no grudges against no one, because all have the right to the Role Play of their Dreams.

Moderators, do as He says, and deleted my specific post from the Thread, as I do wish not to disturb this Elite any longer, thank you.
13-03-2004, 22:38
Just so long as you both keep out of each other's way, I'll be happy.
Steel Butterfly
13-03-2004, 22:40
I'll hold no grudges against you, Nodea. You could just edit/delete your OOC post since it's the last one now. Either way, I'm just pissed at the general roleplaying environment as of late.

Actually, mods, the two remaining posts about the current topic on page 18 can go as well
13-03-2004, 22:50
Ideed I could, and Indeed I blame you not for anger of such non-descriptive Role Playing as of Late, well most. I am glad we are on level term,s, and I shall not barge in without permission ever again.

Forgive me, for I acted without thought. Thank you for allowing as Neutral stance between us, for grudges, as you and I take none and keep none, make one remember things in wierd ways. O.o