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Delete this nation as well, one way or another.

21-01-2004, 08:45
Here is the choices.

1. You may just nicely delete this nation. Calling it flamebaiting/flaming/spam/ or whatever else you like and I will simply go away.

2. You may ignore this request and I will just post the password for this nation and ask for people to get it killed. Then I will simply go away.

Either way Stephistan wins and I go away.
21-01-2004, 09:17
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
21-01-2004, 09:31
Or you can just let it die and stay off the site like you said you were going to.
21-01-2004, 09:41
I would strongly recommend against taking the 'suicide by mod' approach. If you wish to stop playing, simply stop logging in. Simple as that, and it saves everyone the headache.

~Evil Empress [Rep Prod] the Forum God
21-01-2004, 09:43
Yes, i totally agree. I know ive been meaning to come out of the closet about my sexuality for a long while but i just never got round to it. Sorry if i offended anyone.
21-01-2004, 10:00
Attempted 'suicide by mod'- DENIED.

~Evil Empress [Rep Prod] the Forum God
21-01-2004, 10:36
if you wish to unjoin nation states why not just unjoin?

and since you're so determined to torpedo this nation you say is yours
how do we know its really legitimately yours and not someone
else's you're trying for some unknown to us reason to 'get back at'

guess i was just born paranoid and raised that way. but when something smells like a fish i have a tendency (hard learned) not to take it for granted.

21-01-2004, 11:05
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---