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Please let me back in the UN, pretty please!

16-01-2004, 05:12
I was booted from the UN for making inappropriate proposals. I have learned my lesson I say! Is there any chance you will let me back in? You can kick me out the first inappropriate proposal I make! I swear I'll be good this time :D .
16-01-2004, 05:31
If you want to rejoin the UN, make another nation and join it under that name. I, personally, have never seen a mod reverse the UN Ban decision.
16-01-2004, 05:39
# 1, this belongs in getting help (

# 2 If you were booted for making bad proposals, you probably deserve to be out, and probably wont be let back in.
The Basenji
16-01-2004, 05:43
Sorry, but if the mods kick you out, you're going to stay out. And as Nal said, just start another nation and enter the UN with it.