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Sorry moderators...

11-01-2004, 07:31
After I got moderators to yell at me to bother them and I really don't have a clue to where to go in the Getting Help zone.... maybe a moderator could clear up some misunderstanding of the region crashing...

I've read the FAQ and know that region crashing is legal but not griefing but what if you are a region that takes over another region but won't leave because the natives are angry and they can't do anything cause their founder is "dead" and the UN delegate position has been taken over plus the region is password protected. Is that a violation?

Sorry to mods who I bothered and thanks once again for answering a really stupid question.
11-01-2004, 08:49
No, as long as the password is given out to all natives. Otherwise, they are in the law as long as they don't kick to many people. They also can stay as long as they want.
I hope that helps, if not I'm sure someone else will post here too.