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I don't get it

10-01-2004, 20:15
I asked a while ago why Free Poland was deleted. My 1,6 billion nation has been accused of "puppet spamming" in the region Polonia. What I did is I received a telegram stating that the password would be a king of Poland, so I made up tries and ended up being deleted. Why? I never received an answer.

Today I asked the moderators if if they would be kind enough to reevaluate this case and resurrect Free Poland. After an hour I notice that the nation that demanded it, Pro Patria, was deleted. Why?

Dear moderators. I now I have been a nauhty player several months ago. I used to flame other players, I agree. But I started to play the game in a very correct manner! Free Poland was my main nation and I was very attached to it. I would be ready to get rid of all my puppets to have it back!

Please, reevaluate this. I have been telegrammed that the password to Polonia was the name of a king so I tried some. I didn't want to spam I assure you!

Please... reevaluate the case... :( What you think was done maliciously I did it without any other thoughts!

And I don't understand why Pro Patria was deleted! Just because I asked you politely for the second time if you would be kind enough to revive it? :cry:
11-01-2004, 14:15
You’ve got some nerve! Playing dumb and downright lying will not get you far. The mods are a bunch of quite smart people and they no doubt see through your pathetic attempt to deceive them again. You didn’t receive a telegram with a password from me so take a bloody hint! :evil: I am the founder of Polonia and I don’t want you causing any more trouble in my region. Period :!: You had plenty of leeway and we are all tired of your sicko interference. Drop the issue and quit while you’re ahead.
11-01-2004, 15:27
Free Poland will not be restored. Deal with it please.

Thank You!

Game Moderator