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Imperial France needs its true founder

09-01-2004, 19:33
Either myself or somekindofmonster is the true re- founder of Imperial France and The French Founder agrees. Please correct this mistake.

the oc

The Republic of The French Founder
Received: 2 days ago Hello,
I recreated the region "Imperial France". I know you are original from this region, and I'm a nice guy, so I want to give it back to you. To whom should I hand over the pass-word? It's up to you to decide who will controle the foundernation, or maybe you could share this nation,.. whatever.

I'll send this letter to "Polskifrance"'s Founder and Delegate. If you've decided who will controle it, then I'll send 'm the pasword.
10-01-2004, 14:59