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I need a ruling.

07-01-2004, 19:47
An RP judgement call I can't quite make. Is this Godmodding?:

113 minutes ago The Holy Theocratic Empire of Catholic Europe CEN News Update

"Today the Pope landed in the family of Saab after his journey from the Sultanate of Shahada. He left Shahada at 9:30 am and then flew for 2 hours to the Family of Saab. Again, His Holiness flew over unchartered territory but arrived safely in the family of Saab two hours later.

His Holiness, Pope Gregory was warmly met in the family's capital city by their ruler - Patriarch Emile Saab XI. He was also greeted by thousands of well-wishers (with the Family of Saab being a mainly Catholic nation).

The pope returned with the Patriarch to the main palace where a lunch was had. The Pope then met other important figures in the nation before arriving at the main Cathedral of Saab. Mass was held and the Pope took the sermon, preaching for peace throughout the world, particuarly in violence-hit Kaduiri. He also prayed for the Family of Saab and the people of the country.

His Holiness then beatified 10 Saab citizens in a ceremony that was watched by over 75% of the population of the Family of Saab. This lasted for about 2 hours.

His Holiness, along with Saab diginatries, thren retreated back to the main palace where he is currently guest of honour at a state dinner being hosted by the Patriarch Emile Saab XI. After the dinner, His Holiness will stay at the palace for the night before moving onto the next nation - Kiensland very early tomorrow morning.

His Holiness' closest advisor gives us this closing 'report': His Holiness is most grateful to the citizens of the Family of Saab and the Patriarch for their warm reception at his arrival of this great nation. His Holiness was proud to meet the people of this nation and to learn more about their culture whilst joining them in Mass. He thanks the people and Patriarch for their excellent hospitality and hopes that the two Catholic nations will continue to have strong relations, uniting under a common ground."

More updates to follow.
68 minutes ago The Dominion of The Family of Saab Barbarossa News Alliance:

"The Pope visited today to our dark nation, and The Family knew he would. He couldn't resist a southerly Catholic Nation, so he visited, unknowingly falling into a trap. Word from the Patriarch is that His Holiness has no suspicion that he is a prisoner of a Khayy'ad Dzin (Pirates of the South) plan to extort the world."

"The Patriarch left dinner with a grin on his face and food in his beard, the former because of his plan to hold His Holiness for ransom."

"The Patriarch has not given BNA any clue as to what the ransom will be, but we are just as delighted here in Saab."

"Now for the weather:"

Yahoul Suleiman steps up to the prompter:
"In Antlina there will be a high pressure from coming from the Indian sea which should cause a 70% chance of thunderstorm activity, making it hard for air traffic and low flying helichoppers as well, Kent. The capital, Birmingham, will experience a hot sunny climate Thursday through Sunday, with a 85% chance of Sandstorms. In Otrust there will be clear skies for all who camp on Lake Rhun. That's the weather, and now back to our top stories."

Kent Pash appears once again,

"We will keep you posted on the esoteric capture of His Holiness later on."

07-01-2004, 20:05
We don't moderate roleplay. I suggest you make an OOC post politely explaining why you think it's godmoding.
07-01-2004, 22:10
We don't moderate roleplay*. I suggest you make an OOC post politely explaining why you think it's godmoding.

*Apart from TJHairball
07-01-2004, 22:15
No, you misunderstand me. I don't know if it IS godmodding because I don't rp very often. im not asking you to moderate rp, just to tell me whether or not it is. No justice, just a judgement call.
btw this is Corsairio
Neutered Sputniks
07-01-2004, 23:53
If it seems implausible, then it's most likely godmodding
08-01-2004, 07:09
thanks, i appreciate this new primer :)