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Delete me.

06-11-2003, 15:38
I'm leaving NS.
Thanks, mods.
Liverpool England
06-11-2003, 15:43
Mods will not delete your nation. Wait for 28 days and it will expire.
Tactical Grace
06-11-2003, 15:48
That is indeed the case. The Game Mods have too much work to respond to deletion requests. Simply change the password to some random string, and your nation will die of inactivity after 28 days, provided you do not have it in Holiday Mode.

Tactical Grace
Forum Moderator
06-11-2003, 16:59
Move to the region "The cemetary", and change your password into a random one, that you will forget. For instance, open the dictionnary, check up a hard word and use it as a password. This region is to let nations die slowly with all the respect that they deserve.

06-11-2003, 18:10
He and others who wish to leave the game can also go to a new type of cemetary called "unholy graveyard" to die. :)
Catholic Europe
06-11-2003, 18:22
Perhaps you should commit suicide by mods if you desperately want to get deleted but then again, you could let your nation die out the normal way - through inactivity.
06-11-2003, 19:17
typing a random string into notepad and copy/pasting it as your password is the best way. Don't go out in a suicide, it just bugs the mods and has the same effect.