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(Page Limits) From Bas's Own Mouth:

18-09-2003, 22:52
This is a post from my off-NS website (

From the Basenji:

I guess i happen to be the only one who agrees with that rule, then.

Ever notice, back in the old days of NS, how you would get those bizare errors whenever you tried to post? That was the server messing up. It used to fail a whole lot more then it does now. That's because the strain is gone, as it doesn't have to keep up with 500 page threads.

So what if we have to refind the thread everytime it caps off? You saying this is hard?

I would prefer it if they deleted all the old ones instead of locked them. I know I bitch a lot about my post count dropping, but really I would prefer to see the server working well then a high post count...

Just my 2 cents.

Sep 18 12:11PM (Edited on Sep 18 12:12PM)

See? He does too agree with the caps.

So all people who protest it can just get over it, because they do too agree, deep down inside.

Go mods!