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Modalert - lock/delete this when done

Tactical Grace
16-09-2003, 02:19
Our friend has just flamed again:
16-09-2003, 02:22
All three have already been deleted.

Future offenses by this individual are to be reported here.

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
16-09-2003, 02:28
What is this guys nations name again?
United States Of Rodriquezland (
United States Of Rodriqeuzland Space Fleet (
Spammer,Flamer? Turn There Ass To The Mods!! (
Galactic Alliance Member
European Red Cross Member
European Defence Federation Member
16-09-2003, 02:28
16-09-2003, 02:34
Untill he rejoins again. Unless, of course, an IP Ban was layed down this time.
16-09-2003, 02:37
Untill he rejoins again. Unless, of course, an IP Ban was layed down this time.

Yeah...keep your regions passworded and your children off the streets....this guy has nothing better to do
16-09-2003, 03:00
Who? America Inc Forever (dead) is my guess.
16-09-2003, 03:01
American Inc

well his puppets now
Tactical Grace
16-09-2003, 03:01
America Inc / America Inc 2 / America Inc Forever / Spam is good

EDIT: If he returns one last time, it might be as something else, but you can always clock him by his characteristc telegram spam flames, which in my experience usually involve subjugation, forced humiliation and a possible homosexual element.
16-09-2003, 03:04
I wonder how many reports are filled out about this guy with each incarnation that he creates.

Among others that I've seen.
Tactical Grace
16-09-2003, 03:10
Well, in this fourth incarnation he spammed 10 different regions and made attempts on two others, plus various UN Delegates. Some of these were in the top 100 regions by size. So my guess is, there were a lot of reports.
16-09-2003, 03:14
I know a few that reported him, including myself. This guy is clogging the system with all these reports.
16-09-2003, 03:19
Give him an IP ban. :twisted:
16-09-2003, 03:20
For good measure,
16-09-2003, 03:21
The font is inappropriate on such picture.