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a request

14-09-2003, 23:25
region Eurasia
5 hours ago NationStates Moderators: Password removed. Blue Moon, you're ours now.

can some of the mods translate me this....I didn't know about the existence of this region till today
15-09-2003, 00:06
Well, the post before that says something about blue moon. Figure they ment someone else. Unless they actually TG you I would not worry.
Tactical Grace
15-09-2003, 00:11
Some of your nations griefed it several days ago. And I mean griefed it properly, ejecting the natives, passwording it and going away. So now there is going to be some fallout. About time too.
15-09-2003, 00:23
ok....but I was asking if some mod can trnaslate me what this means:Blue Moon, you're ours now.
15-09-2003, 00:25
Sounds like a bit of a threat to me.

-President Z.D. Meier
Alliance of Democracy
U.N. Delegate
15-09-2003, 00:32
well....I just want to know something more specific around this....what did they mean saying this....what wrong had done more than 80 nations in the they have to say exactly this....I am sure I was not the only one who didn't know about Eurasia....