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Worldwide recuitment-spam

14-09-2003, 00:05
Someone named "A Raptor" posted a cut-and-paste recruitment message in all of the following regions (there may have been more, the trail ran cold when he want through some extremely active regions):

Zone 51
Hidden Empire
The Rejected Realms
Area 51
The Pacific
South Atlantic
Central Atlantic
Space Sector RPRA
Pacific Army
Air Strip One
West Central Asia
The East Pacific
Virtual World
The South Pacific

He's posted this message many, many times in the RR over recent days, always being careful for the old message to be wiped out before postign another one.

The message was as follows:
"Atlantic Alliance
This may not be familiar to you, but the Atlantic Alliance is a fairly new organization that has risen from the ashes of the ACC. Our two founding members are Byzantium and Atlantic, and we would be happy to add more regions to our name, although we won’t force it. New members are always welcome, as we have many open slots. For more information, check our website:"

(I have filed a message through Getting Help, but I'm not sure if it got through, as it looks to have been cancelled)
14-09-2003, 15:18
-das bump-
The Cold Spring
14-09-2003, 17:47
I can vouch for the legitimacy of this claim (not that Kandarin needs vouching for :wink: ).

I noticed these advertisements in a number of regions, including one not listed above, The Roman Empire. [Now considering the Atlantic Alliance is an enemy of the Roman Empire, I thought that was pretty haughty of them...]
14-09-2003, 20:52
It happened in the Imperial Council too.
14-09-2003, 21:47
Hm, "ashes of the ACC?" What happened there?

14-09-2003, 22:01
Hm, "ashes of the ACC?" What happened there?


It's a long story. Telegram me if you want to hear it.