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One issue for mods in general, one specifically for Neut

12-09-2003, 18:32
1) Wicked hogs 4 has been spamming for the last 2 days... not just in Pacific Army, I believe he went to European Union and maybe others yesterday that I did not witness. Usually he posts long posts with hardly any text to warp the regional forums and push all other posts out... I reported him yesterday, got no response... and he moved back in today... I've reported again, and was hoping maybe a mod could come in and verify it before it gets pushed out of our forums by natural posters.

2) For Neut...
Yes, I did read the post yesterday at the end of the Francos Spain thread that explained why the thread was being locked... however, it didn't mention or explain the disappearance of the OTHER thread that was currently up on the issue... I became worried that I accidentally deleted the thread through a forum glitch... I posted a response in that thread under a puppet name, but then... when I went to edit it out... I hit the delete button next to my post, and when the forum refreshed the thread was missing...
I was checking to see if any mod had deleted the thread because if NOT, then there is a potential forum bug that could cause NON-Moderators to delete entire threads.
12-09-2003, 18:51