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Spammer problem, DHS has been contacted

12-09-2003, 00:24
Well my region just got spammed. Then sent a message.

Hey dude:

Today is your lucky day, you've spamed by Mujahedeen, member of the NSTO (NationStates Terrorist Organization)
We've being receiving reports from our Intelligence Officers in several regions including yours
that you're planning to invade latinoamerican regions, well see, our ideals are to protect regions whom
members are religious, social and political minorities and we won't accept your actions. We don't
like Imperialism. Our phrase will be, the childish one, "mess with one of your own side". probably think we're joking, well...WE ARE NOT, take the region "Europe" as an example
we demanded for the expulsion of Nuttylnd because he spammed the South American HQ and, Europeans, after
3 weeks under siege and continous attacks, spams, floods, hacks, they finally decided to give up and surrender...
just take a look by yourself, our attacks were so successful that Nuttylnd was deleted by the NS mods
and Nuttylnd's multi nations were sent to assylum to a region called "The Empire of Nuttylnd".
Pretty good ha? Let me tell us a little bit about ourselves, we have no region, we move every time, our alliance
are exactly 53 regions and 2,731 suicide nations (approx. until yesterday), we don't care if we
get banned or deleted or whatever, we can become a paid in the ass, your worst nightmare,
unpredictable, and you know what's the best thing? none and I mean NONE can do anything about it.

Consider this attack as a warning, if you make the wrong move, expect that for the first 10 days, 3 times a day, not even
a password-protected region can save you, since we have "sleepers" on pretty much every region
of the world, whatever you try, we'll brake it. If you don't take us seriously will take more
actions including "hacking". We'll attack you when you least expected and the hardest you try
to stop us, the stronger we'll get.

Think about it, and don't mind to answer me, since I'll get back to 'sleep'.

Anyway I responded with:

Well seeing as I helped with hackings and such on NS I know how to stop you. Also I didn't want to invade Brazil, get your facts right. Yeah well sayin that sort of info to a pal of Vio is not smart. GG. Also I can jsut get you IP banned meaning you lose it all, your entire alliance will be IP banned. GG again.

Next seems you know English so your America, Canadian, Aussie, or Euro. Well hate to break it to you but hacking is against the law in all those areas, hell all over the world. Now since Australia is allied with U.S. and are supporting the war on terror your busted. most of the servers are in Cali or Australia. Anyway your IP, E-mail, and telegram have been sent to the DHS. for further investigation of this matter. If you are found hacking NS will have to wipe its server, your ISP stop supporting you, and so on. If you are out of Europe, North America, or a U.S. Ally your ISP will be blocked from U.S. sites...that means everyone on your ISP will be blocked and they be pissed at you. Now good day.

Well I hope you deal with this, but the DHS is already involved so good luck dealing with them. You may think "Its just a game don't do that." yes but they stated they have hacked before, which is illegal so hes going down. Anyway just look into it.
12-09-2003, 00:26
You really called Tom Ridge into this?
12-09-2003, 00:45
You contacted the department of homeland security over that guy! I doubt he could hack anything if his life depended on it.I don't like the Department of homeland security seems like Bush is trying to take over the world,one nation at a time,and I can just see the DHS becoming the secret police
12-09-2003, 00:47
I know some guys in the DHS, it is good so don't bad mouth it. Still even if he can't hack saying you can and saying you have will get you into trouble.
12-09-2003, 01:04
I know some guys in the DHS, it is good so don't bad mouth it.

How disorganized have your friends been due to the reorganization?

IMHO the DHS is a big waste of time...I don't see how each agency couldn't work well enough alone. Especially FEMA.
12-09-2003, 01:33
This is why I should have Nuttylnd returned to me(this is a new nation i just made for europe, to replace nuttylnd for the time being).

I was framed by Mujahadeen, and pricks on his side.

Who do the moderators side with? The spammers, or the innocent victims?

You deleted Nuttylnd with no second thought, and yet you let scum like them exist? It took you days to delete Fedayin, but I was deleted within an hour of arguing with one of them.


You moderators are simply letting the bastards and the assholes win. The people who ruin this game are winning by your own merits. Do you not see? Do you not see what we in Europe have been trying to say? Or are you still too proud to admit wrong doing? Can you now see the mistake in your actions? Here is clear and valid proof that I was innocent. They claim they got me banned, is that not enough proof for you? Does that not justify what I have been saying all along, or do my words still fall upon deaf ears?
Reploid Productions
12-09-2003, 02:20
Upon reviewing the available evidence and finding it to be somewhat murky at best, Nuttylnd has been restored.

Also, given the number of complaints about this Muja-whatever-his-name-is, I'm going to inquire of [violet] about an IP ban.

~Evil Empress Rep Prod the Game Mod
"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it." - Helen Keller ("
12-09-2003, 02:22
my lord thank you Reploid, I cannot thank you enough for this, I seriously cannot, I knew someone would listen to us, thank you, sincerely, thank you
12-09-2003, 02:48
They seem to have sent me a virus by using NS to get my e-mail. Even though an IP will only stop him she "says there are others" so be on the look out. There is still going to be an investigation by the DHS I am told so the proper people who work on NationStates should beable to handle this. Thank you.
12-09-2003, 03:06
i too have a virus on my computer, im co-existing with it, they do indeed have some bite to back up their bark, but nonetheless, they must be stopped, all of them must be stopped

this game should not be ruined by morons like them