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Two related questions.

Our Earth
11-09-2003, 00:44
Question one: When and why was Christofi deleted. It's not surprising, but I didn't hear anything about it.

Question two: I know a log is kept of all mod actions, would it be possible to make that log public, perhaps without the names of the mods responsible for each action. I think it'd clear up some of the questions like this one above and give the users more confidence in the system as well as requiring accountability for any mod action.
11-09-2003, 01:13

this may help


11-09-2003, 01:18
The lod wouldnt gve details of deletion,(I think) just say what was done like

time| action| mod|
5:00 deleted some1 somemod

not to useful for knowing why an action was preformed
Our Earth
11-09-2003, 01:21
Thanks for the link Norm.

I believe some log is kept by the mods, for the mods, of all mod actions and it includes an explanation of why they did it. If there is a list like that as I believe there is giving the players access to it could serve to eliminate questions like mine and give players a place to look for nation deletions and thread locks and stuff.
Nazi Deutschland Axis
11-09-2003, 14:15
This sounds like a very good idea.

Is it a realistic possibility? An official response would be appreciated. :)
11-09-2003, 14:19
I'll let somebody higher up than me answer that.

Although questions about the log of moderator actions would be technically related, I feel that this belongs more in the "Moderation" forum.

Hence, iMove.

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Our Earth
11-09-2003, 15:28
OFF TOPIC: The thread movers and the nations moving from region to region always amuses me and puts me in mind of a giant U-Haul with an entire nations worth of people and stuff in the back. :D