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A Reluctant Plea for Assistance

05-09-2003, 07:34
I am well aware that such things should be taken care of via the "Getting Help Page," however this is a problem which has not been solved having gone that route in the past. I must apologize if the moderators have not yet come upon the reports I filed yesterday, as I'm sure they have many other tasks to accomplish, and many more important things to do.

Three days ago, the nation of "Suicidal League" spammed my telegram box with ten messages. Naturally, I did not reply to him and filed a report via the Getting Help Page. Within two hours, a gracious mod found the time to read my report and act on it, informing me that Suicidal League had been warned and that I should notify the mods if he would do it again. (thanks Ineptia).

However, less than a day later, the exact same crime was perpetrated against me by this nation. Naturally, I obeyed as instructed by NationStates Moderators and filed a report. I signed off for a few hours after this, and by the time I logged back on, I had received 6 other (legitimate) telegrams, which pushed most of his spam out. I thought perhaps that by the time a moderater found the time to look at my report, there was not enough evidence of spamming left in my inbox to take action, so I tried to move on.

Not six hours later did the exact same thing occur, for a third time. I again filed a report with the recommendation that they should carry out the action a third strike (or even second) should warrent against this nation. I sat by my computer, logged in, for about three hours after that, chatting with friends and working on the offsite forum, periodically checking my telegrams to make sure to delete any new ones I got as to not push out Suicidal League's spam messages.

This was yesterday. Earlier today, I log on to find that Suicidal League is still around and that some of his old spam messages are in my inbox.

Just now, I check my telegrams, and what should I find but 10 brand new spam-o-grams from Suicidal League.

I am BEGGING a moderator to look at my inbox now and to please take action against this offender. I'm not sure how much longer I can take it.

Thank you very much, and I apologize for my impudence and impatience for posting in the Moderation Forum about such a topic.
05-09-2003, 07:38
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
Crazy girl
05-09-2003, 08:35
6 minutes ago: The Republic of Suicidal League ceased to exist

guess that solves your problem...
spamming is never cool, not even when you do it to a guy like francos..
05-09-2003, 08:46
My thanks and appreciation to the anonymous mod who helped solve this problem.
The Most Glorious Hack
05-09-2003, 08:49
I wager it was Rep Prod, as she's hitting the tasklist right now.

Locked as issue is resolved.