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National Entry

This nation is not to be confused with the similarly-named Astholm.

Political Information

Population Growth Rate:
Statistics currently available.

Government Type:
Constitutional Monarchy: Astholm's monarch is the primary head of state, although a figurehead

Branches of Central Government:

Current Head of State:
Prime Minister John Smith

Current Deputy Head of State

Economic Information:
Currency: <s>Askholme Dollar (NZ$)</s>
Exchange Rate:
GDP Per Capita:
Income Taxation Rate (Average):
Government Tax Revenue:

Government Budget Breakdown
Social Welfare:
Law & Order:

Major industries
Askholme's major industries are raw materials (production of wool, wheat, meat, olive oil, wine, iron, timber and marble) and the automobile industry.
The automobile industry has a major presence and has a leading presence on export markets, see below for more information.

Motor industry
Askholme is part of AUTOMOTOR, an international body that discusses all aspects of the automotive industry. AUTOMOTOR has satellite offices in Australis, Astholm and the United Kingdom of Anglezarke - where they border.
This nation's motor industry is fairly different to some NS nations: in order for a foreign brand to expand within the nation, they must apply to the Askholme Automotive Industry Minister, Askholme Minister of Transport, Askholme Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade and AUTOMOTOR in order to get a licence. Then they must find a local manufacturer to make an agreement or a partnership with: there are no limitations as to how many manufacturers they can work with. However, manufacturers from Australis, Astholm and the United Kingdom of Anglezarke are exempt from this, since the nations are within AUTOMOTOR.

The motor industry is the second biggest industry after raw material production and exports widely to other nations.

Foreign relations
Askholme has excellent foreign relations; mainly with the bordering countries of Australis, the United Kingdom of Anglezarke, Astholm and Kilcanada. All these nations have embassies within Askholme.

Trade relations
This nation exports to over 60+ nations including the Astholm nation/region, and Australis, the United Kingdom of Anglezarke and Kilcanada. All nations are welcome to apply to trade with Askholme; this can be done by contacting Askholme Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Michael Jones.

Land Area

Area - comparative:
About the size of New Zealand and Australia, plus additional land.

Land Boundaries:

Border Countries:
Astholm: TBC
United Kingdom of Anglezarke: TBC


Maritime claims:

Temperamental, with all extremes of weather. No deserts are found, but there are small mountain ranges.

Hilly in rural areas; mainly flat for the most part.

Elevation Extremes:

Natural Resources:
oil, coal, timber, zinc, gold, olives, vines/grapes, wheat, fruit

Natural Hazards:

Major cities:

Gebercht - this major city is near the main N1 road. Despite its German-sounding name, it is not German, and simply means "the fortified place", from Old English burh. The name was recorded as Burgun in 1152. It is also about 3 - 6 miles from the border with the United Kingdom of Anglezarke.
Clissart - a primarily coastal town, this has a port and is mainly industrial.
Gleissig - although the place-name sounds Celtic-influenced, the etymology is doubtful.
Harrisrigg - This village is about 2 miles from the border, and as such is close to the United Kingdom of Anglezarke.

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OOC: That is really good. However, it would make it more interesting if you have some history about your nation.

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