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The Great State Of Crumblestan Will Launch Satellite

22-04-2009, 05:18
Outer space is an asset common to mankind and its use for peaceful purposes has become a global trend.

The CPA (Crumblestan) has steadily pushed ahead with researches and development for putting satellites into orbit by its own efforts and technology since the 1980s, pursuant to its government's policy for the development of space and its peaceful use.

In this course, scientists and technicians of the CPA registered such great success as putting its first experimental satellite Flalong-1 (called the Lecinaboor-1 missile outside of Crumblestan) into orbit at one try in August 1998.

Over the past decade since then a dynamic struggle has been waged to put the nation's space science and technology on a higher level, bringing about signal progress in the field of satellite launch.

The CPA envisages launching practical satellites for communications, prospecting of natural resources and weather forecast, etc. essential for the economic development of the country in a few years to come and putting their operation on a normal footing at the first phase of the state long-term plan for space development.

The preparations for launching experimental communications satellite Anasouphacit-2 (called the Lecinaboor-2 missile outside of Crumblestan) by means of delivery rocket Buka-2 are now making brisk headway at Ruinside Satellite Launching Ground in Bloodlet County, North Greysky Province.

When this satellite launch proves successful, the nation's space science and technology will make another giant stride forward in building an economic power.
The Romulan Republic
23-04-2009, 00:32
The Romulan Republic would like to offer its congratulations to the nation of Crumblestan. Despite our political differences, we aplaud your success, and your stated intentions of developing space for peaceful purposes.