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The Eye of God, Operation Oxygen - Open - MT

17-04-2009, 07:17
A mushroom cloud was seen in the distance of the fatherland, an entire naval force was destroyed in the blink of an eye. Waves of the sea hit the shores of Natzailey, shortly followed with a wave of heat, air, and a large wave of water. Nothing could have been done to stop this travesty, but this singular moment which the survivors saw was the moment that Natzailey became unified.

That was twenty five years ago, but the horror and the scale of destruction still burns in his brain. The land he lived in was well known for the violence and cruelty that the population knew as a whole, and how society was divided into the Haves and the Have-Nots. God was irrelevant, but the spirit of human survival could be seen in every citizen’s eye, and the desire to keep fighting for another day. Pitiful it may seem, but legends and lore grew out of this life style.

This has changed, inflation has plummeted, crime rates have fallen, wages are up, and reconstruction has rebuilt the entire nation of Natzailey. Ancient wastelands were scrapped and rebuilt, with new life and new prosperity for all. But the fire and spirit still burns in the children of Natzailey, as even the sound of a gun causes everyone to prepare for death.

The Corporate Leader Tsai Carnam died roughly 20 years ago by assassination, but he was the longest living leader in Natzailey for over 100 years. The nation mourned it’s first real leader, but now his own daughter is at the head of the corporation, known as NCCN, aka the Governing and Regulating body of Natzailey.

“Ambassador…” a voice said bluntly to the dreaming man. “Ambassador, we have arrived.”

The man’s visions, thoughts, and dreams came to reality as he looked at a group of Natzailey Dragon Infantry, his personal guards. The Ambassador mumbled, “Damn about time…”

The group looked around at the airfield that they landed upon, with a marvelous view of Areon’s complex river systems. The Ambassador gave a breathe in of the fresh, clean air, unlike the air that was in Natzailey. A couple of heavy coughs as this was uncomfortable to his lungs, unprepared for the smell of clean air and forests. The coughing went on for about a minute as everyone got used to the air before someone broke the silence:

“Why have we been ordered by the Areon Government to land here and wait for an APC?” one soldier spoke out.

The Ambassador calmly sighed, replying “Because the Government of Areon wants to keep the Natzailey Corporate help on the down low, simply business my friend.”

“This better be worth the paycheck… last time I was this heavily armed was when I was fighting the terrorists in Novanicstan. Had to execute quite a few dissenters…”

“Which is why you were picked for the job. You get it done. Now sound off and wait for the APC arrival.”
17-04-2009, 07:28
Colonel Markus Ruskov sat in the front seat of his command BMP.

“How much further?” he asked the tactical officer in a board voce.

“ETA 30 minute” he said in a dull monotone that was customary of all communication officers.

Markus rubbed his eyes, he had been in this damned thing for the past 2 hours since leaving Targus Airbase and they were running late. He was in no mood to deal with a bitchy diplomat and just wanted to be done with this damned escort mission.

The convoy cleared a small rise. And the lead jeep erupted in a wall of fire.
The T-64 that was behind it slammed through the wreckage but was then hit by an RPG that tore through the turret and ignited the ammunition blowing the tank open like a bottle rocket and sending a steel bar into the front of the BMP killing the driver instantly in a cascade of blood and bone that had once been this upper chest and head. Markus stammered out of the APC and watched as his men were slaughtered in the 2 trucks following his BMP.
17-04-2009, 17:13
The third cigarette fell to the ground, as the soldiers anticipated the arrival of the APCs. It has been a couple of hours since the agreed time of arrival, but no one has arrived. This spoke to the instincts of everyone that something was wrong.

“Sorry to break the silence Ambassador, but shouldn’t we call a local town or something?”

Unorthodox to suggest in Natzailey culture, but spoke true to their instinct, something needed to be done now, as something was wrong. The Ambassador nodded slowly towards the DI (Dragon Infantry), and headed for his helicopter.

A couple of attempts to call were made, but nothing seems to be getting through. It was as if they were in the middle of a dead zone. The Ambassador jumps out of the Helicopter and approached the men. “Men, I believe that there is no way to have reception here, too much open land and too far away for anything to be called.”

“Sir, if I may?”

“Speak freely soldier.”

“We have communication satellites for these vehicles, and these helicopters are able to call anyone anywhere in the world. This leads us to one conclusion. Someone knows we are here and are coming to kill us.” The rest of the DI nodded in agreement.

In sheer disbelief, and possibly hurt pride, “Now who would have the fucking balls to attack a Natzailey Ambassador and DI?!”

A few gunshots were fired, taking out one DI immediately, leaving the other four to duck and cover behind whatever terrain there is. One DI tackled and pulled the Ambassador away from the firefight, yelling, “Apparently those people sir!”

An RPG round flew right over head and struck the helicopter, causing it to explode immediately, cutting off any escape route that may have existed before.

As each of the soldiers hid behind whatever terrain they could find, one of them whispers to their comrade next to him, “Reminds me of some of our childhood and our legends, no?” giving a small laugh, unfazed by the death of a comrade in arms.

The gunshots were only a few, the numbers disguised, no way to run, one soldier dead, one ran into the forest with the Ambassador, and three soldiers left to defend this spot of land. The only thing that was mentioned was, “Almost a fair fight!”