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Hostages Taken in Dakimrod [Open MT]

17-04-2009, 00:52
We apologize for interrupting the previous transmission. A critical situation has occurred in the Capitol Solkent today which risks the lives and peace of our glorious nation.
IndentHostile, anti-Islamic group, The Kings of Hubal, struck in the Capitol Solkent today. Currently forty devout members of the Tablisy Street Mosque are being held hostage by anywhere between five and ten armed members of this violent, fanatical group.
IndentMembers of the Dakimrod army have cordoned off the streets surrounding the Mosque where large crowds of family members, friends and well wishers have gathered to see the situation resolved, peacefully or otherwise.
IndentAn attempt to negotiate with the hostage takers has failed to see the release of any prisoners but delayed the risk of any hostages being harmed. Thus far the group has made no demands leading Prime Minister Direnk Yankov to claim "[They] have made this action only to threaten and endanger Islamic faith worldwide. An objective in which they shall not succeed!"
IndentThe Emir has made a plea for international assistance in this crisis, for any special operations advisers to aid in the recovery of our citizens trapped in the building.

Message from Emir Ilhami Darzl
To Various Special Services

The Emirate requires the assistance of skilled tactical minds. Several of our citizens are being held hostage by an unstable armed terrorist group and we feel that an experienced tactician overseeing our plans to rescue these hostages will yield a greater success than the Dakimrod armed forces can supply alone.

God be with the Compassionate.
Emir Ilahmi Darzl

Further Information on the Kings of Hubal

The KoH is a small independent organization which is believed to formed some time in the early 1980's and from this time has performed low key operations ranging from the distribution of anti-Islamic leaflets outside Mosques and other Islamic buildings to the assault and mugging of several Muslims to fund other activities.
IndentIntel on the organization from other sources state that the name Kings of Hubal has no connection to the Arabian Pagan God and is a symbolic representation of defiance against Islam (Followers of Hubal and Mohammed fought prominently at Uhud) The ties with Hubal end with the graffiti tag left at KoH crime scenes featuring a red figure with pointed yellow arrows similar to the red Agate idol left at the Kaaba in Mecca.
IndentThe most recent Intel shows a shift in pattern and organization which may have driven away veteran members. This change in role may cause the organization to become unstable, Dakimrod, as a devout Islamic nation, is at risk and we should take precautions to hinder the movements of the KoH.
17-04-2009, 01:28

Garmidia strongly condemns any action by any group that disrupts the lives of citizens in extreme ways, such as hostage taking and terrorism.

John Rebalt
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Garmidia