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The Time for Secrecy has Ended. (FT, Open, Introduction)

16-04-2009, 05:11
Behind closed doors, the whining of pistons and hydraulics could be heard.

"We must do it" wheezed one raspy, mechanical voice.
"Agreed, it is inevitable that it happen anyhow. Our population has grown above that sustainable in secret. We must open our doors!" rasped another.

Across a small, Mars-like planet, the electrical signals went out. Ancient machinery, salvaged from an ancient, sentient race of Machines that called themselves the Concordiat, groaned to life. Antennae extruded from armored ports on the Planet's surface, and began broadcasting in SWIFT and in the Warp on all known frequencies, both psychic and subspatial.

"We are the Hereteks. We are but a small nation of organics who came upon this planet by unknown means, seeking only technological innovation and construction. We have found the remains of a long-dead race of Machines, and we salvaged as much as we could. But the time has come for us to come out into the light of a harsh universe, for we can no longer live off the spoils offered to us by the Machine itself. Please, send us your best and allow us the pleasure of making us your friend, for we require nothing but the most technological of innovations."

This is the message as communicated to the Universe as a whole, and the leaders of the Hereteks could barely restrain their anticipation at what awaited them...

...all but one, who believed that they were alone in an uncaring universe, a Machine-universe where only the strong could survive. He trembled at the thought...

OOC: I am the same person who used to run the ancient nation of pure Machine-Life called the ONI Concordiat. It is a bit more fun, however, to run an organic race...makes more sense diplomatically.
16-04-2009, 13:25

"Duddy! Duddy! come look, I got my kit transmitter working!" little Ramar shouted excitedly to his father. Daern looked over at his son with a bemused smirk. "I have been trying to talk back to them for a half an hour, but they dont respond!" Ramar said, Daern looked over to the transmitter kit and raised an eyebrow. "Son, let me see that." he walked over to the transmitter and listened. Suddenly a cold realisation hit him. His son had made the kit too well, and was picking up an interstellar transmission from far outside the Celestial Republic.

He sighed, Looks like its time to call the government.

***Several hours later, the Heretek system[/B]***

The DCN Skoffnung class Battleship the [I]Katzbalger entered the system shortly after the Star lords offices recieved a call about an inadvertant alien contact. They started to broadcast the same message over and over again in thousands of different languages.

Unknown Aliens, this is the DCN Katzbalger, we have recieved your transmission and are approaching your planet, do not be alarmed at our approach. Dont fear us, we Come in peace.
16-04-2009, 20:58
Sensors detected the inbound starships, and the Leaders rejoiced. One lay sullen and dejected.

"So peace is possible, Ahrenus! It's true! We've got the sensor contacts right their, and they claim they mean not to harm us!"

Ahrenus grumbled, but conceded the point without a fight.

"Unknown starships, we are the nation of Hereteks. We came to this wayward planet in an attempt to escape from the oppressive governments we had before, in search of technology and the truth of the Machine. We would enjoy, mightily, your kindness, and we open our doors to you!"

Accompanying the transmission were landing coordinates on the surface of the Mars-like world.
16-04-2009, 21:51
The black sphere, the twenty fourth constructed by the Technonaut flowed through space.
Thieves, beggars, pillagers stealing those that rightfully belong to others and should stay at peace!
Species come and go Overmind, the new do not now the way of the old, they clamor to anything they find, copying it without knowing its power and the responsibilities of it.
Then we should teach them.
That is not our job, we observe, taking on both the weak and the strong, testing ourselves for the end, we are teachers but this is not our subject.
It could have been one of the planets that..
That is doubtful and should not be thought of or spoken through the overmind as you well know Overmind. It is a wish not a hope and you would be glad to forget it.
What should we do then?
Observe and see what routes they take with their new found powers, if they seek conquest and destruction then we should return the favor if not we should also give back in kind.
Aye, sending probes now.
A small light could be seen coming from the middle of the sphere as a hangar shields were dropped and ten probes flew out, before briefly flickering and dispersing, two were sent to the former machine planet while the others where sent elsewhere...
17-04-2009, 12:53
As soon as the message was recieved, the Katzbalger sent a diplomatic mission to the surface. One horizon T and a squadron of Morgenstrahl VMF's exitted the hangar and made for the coordinates on the surface.

They dived down near to the ground, in case of any foul play and moved towards the target point at all speed. Wary as they were for tricks, they themselves did not make any overt aggressive moves, but maintained a tight defensive formation around the shuttle. Two of the Variable maneuver frames skated along the ground ahead of them, the humanoid mecha racing across the ground only slightly behind the rest of the formation, scanning the ground for hidden traps and targets.

First contact's were always approached with the utmost care, as some first contacts could turn violent even before they truly began. Though they hope it would not happen, the Knights guarding the shuttle were ready in case it came to blows.