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Progress of war post , Soviets vs. North Defense

The New Soivet Union
25-03-2009, 20:38
This is the post where north defense and I progress through our war.
The New Soivet Union
25-03-2009, 20:42
I launch a biological attack on major north defense recourse providers, such as farms, mines, plantations,lumber mills, etc.

Followed up by a large scale invasion and Scud bombing of North defense.
The Fanboyists
25-03-2009, 20:44
OOC:....Do you want to actually RP something? If so, I suggest re-reading the stickies, and this time listening to what they say.
Imperial isa
25-03-2009, 20:46
all attacks are stopped by the hand of God

ooc now go back an read the stickies till you understand them
25-03-2009, 20:54
OOC: Soivet, are you interested in read this thread?

Maybe this thread could help you to improve your RPing
The Emmerian Unions
25-03-2009, 20:57
The useless posturing of The New Soivet Union finally got on the President's last nerve, and he ordered the entire bomber force to attack them. Once the bombers were over The New Soivet Union, they proceeded to carpet bomb the whole nation with thousands of bombs which would not detonate upon impact, but instead unveil a speaker which would blare out a single song over and over. After the speakers were unveiled, the song came out was "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, which caused the citizens of The New Soivet Union to kill themselves.

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25-03-2009, 20:59
Read the stickies that other players sent to you, you will get nothing but nasty messages and ignores if you dont.