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Secret Police Disbanded!

North Defese
24-03-2009, 00:06
Official announcment from Robert J. Hamson, Head of State, North Defese

"Effective March 15th, the plague of the NDSP, will be removed from the streets. No longer will you be taken and tortured for complaining about the goverment, you may now discuss on internet forums without the fear of censorship.

All prisinors will be released, and the heads of the NDSP will be held at trial for kidnapping, murder, extortion, slave trading, torture, and conspiracy. The assets of this orginization will be distrubuted to families who had relatives killed in the gassing chambers.

I hope the international community will forgive this nations mistake, and allowed a madman into power.
24-03-2009, 00:57
"Why are we going in to North Defese again?! What could they do to us?!" The Black Guard Field Engineer yelled over the racket of the C-130 as he checked to make sure his multi-tool was in an easy-to-reach place.

"It's not what they could do to us: it's possible a few members of the rogue government could try and liberate their former leaders, we're killing the leaders before they have the chance to do so." Captain Botond Szalay replied.

He didn't like this, only two field operatives with no national markings were going to be inserted in North Defese due to beliefs of possible plans to liberate the former leaders before any set execution by some of the former secret police and other members of government who undoubtedly slipped between the cracks. As before, it was only two people: Botond himself along with Corporal and Field Engineer Pista Sultisz. They would find any prisons where major officials of great importance were stored and snuff them out before any chance at liberation could be taken...and if everything went according to plan North Defese wouldn't know who-done-it.

Botond and Pista both got ready to HALO jump in to North Defese from outside their airspace.

OOC: What's North Defese's climate/terrain like and how tight is security outside the prisons (in the streets, other minor government buildings, etc.)?
North Defese
24-03-2009, 01:26
ooc: The former leader is dead.
The new one is a General, who is now head of state, and is trying to reform the nation and offer peace to its long oppressed neighbor, killing its last head of goverment would plunge the nation into chaos and most likely a general mad at the world would launch nuclear missiles all around the contenint, annihilating everything.
So if you want to end a civilization, we are Australian like land. There are no Prisons, members of the puppet goverment where driven away in large trucks for the camera of the media, once they were out of sight the puppet parliment members where shot.
24-03-2009, 02:47
OOC: A few of problems with that. One problem is that, you didn't mention any of this in the beginning. The second problem is that with a nation of your size, or even of the starting size for that matter, it'd be impossible to catch every single possible leader of the former government. Third off: it'd be easy to notice a lack of trials...which would make you look like you're replacing one dictatorship with another.
North Defese
24-03-2009, 05:00
ooc: This is all explained in the war thread, but I see your point.
Ill hammer out a nice prison later.
24-03-2009, 10:43
Agent Black Spider sat in a dark alley in a North Defense city. The target, a scientist who had worked for the old regime was not far. With the North Defense Secret Police gone this should be a oiece of cake, this scientist had reasons to flee from his homeland due to his activities during the old regime, and Bardar had reasons to give him a new home. The meeting place wasn't far from here. Agent Black Spider hated missions in foreign nations, he couldn't wait to be back home in Bardar again.