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The Greater Galactic Federation Factbook (Fanboyist FT)

The Fanboyists
22-03-2009, 03:15
Greater Galactic Federation

Member Races (with pop %)
Human (all sub-groups) (34%)
Rascallion (22%)
Lupone (15%)
Mechanorian (14%) (no home planets)
Honorian (14%)

Member Nation/Systems:
Onner (Human)
Terra (Human)
Archen (Human)
Uldike (Honorian)
Gurahn (Rascallion)
Rindehm (Rascallion)
Grimmea (Human)
Desreich (Human)
Autsreich (Honorian)
Waelsch (Rascallion)
Gaium (Human)

OOC: I'm just getting the first part out there, tell me if I'm missing anything major when I get the first few sections up: I'm planning a minor background section, military, government.