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Wargames (IC, Closed)

The Battlehawk
13-03-2009, 22:08
Practice Makes Perfect

BAF Halton, Stronghold Island (The Largest one)

The only Battlehawk Airbase on the Falcon Island Chain was a buzz of activity. The recent influx of the 12th Expeditioanry wing had turned the usually quiet station into a hub of movement. The Collection of 150 Aircraft were either sat on the taxiway or undergoing last minute mateinece in the hanger. The Other Defenders AIrcraft were sat on the otherside of the Airbase. A Squadron of F-32's roared into the air.

Fort Falcon

Not far away the 12th Detachment of the 1st Airbourne was gearing up for battle. THe SOldiers were getting their equipment ready, the Helicoptors were being prepped. And the Tanks of the 1st Cavelry were warming up.

Wargames Control 'Checkmate'

High above the Islands the AWACs aircraft was waiting for all ready messages from all parties for the war games to start...
Central Eastern Africa
14-03-2009, 08:00
0630 hours Airstrip 15, the Mainland, approximately 110 miles from the Designated Combat Zone

The 36 Eagles sat glistening menacingly in the early morning sun. The dull grey strike fighters were aligned at exactly 45 degrees on the tarmac, orientated toward the runway. Mechanics and technicians swarmed across the airport checking engines readouts, hydrolic tubes and weapon bays on the various peices of war gear and equipment the taskforce had brought for the coming mock conflict.

1st Expedition Central Command, Airstrip 15

Temporarily promoted Brigadier General Meles Senawi surveyed the equpiment list and time tables of the Hercules flights still to come and visibly slumped. The operation had quickly become a logistical nightmare when the vast distance between the host nation and the USSCEA became apparent, both physically and mentally. However this was the General's first command of significance and size so he was determined to suceed. Brigadier General Senawi was confident his force would be ready to put his plans into action come midnight.

2400 hours, Comminque from Airstrip 15

The USSCEADF Expeditionary Task Force is prepped and ready to begin manouvres.
The Battlehawk
14-03-2009, 11:45
Wargames Control 'Checkmate'

"Two Ready, break, all Combattants stand-by, four to go"
Central Eastern Africa
14-03-2009, 15:46
OOC: While we are waiting for the others heres a description of Greater South Falkan Island Chain (the ones at the bottom of the map) as i intend to focus my initial operations there, if you don't agrree with my description then thats cool and you can just say how you would like it.

IC: Greater South Falkan Island Chain

The Greater South Falkan Island Chain consists of approximately ten islands. The island chain was formed by volcanic activity some twenty million years in the past. The islands are in fact the peaks of a mountain range that was forced up out of the ocean bed in The Falkan Island’s violent prehistoric past. There are no active volcanoes in the Greater South Falkan Island Chain today.

The only significant infrastructure on South Falkan Island (the largest one) is the two competing health spas and the dirt road that connects them to the two crater lakes and the small, three boat, harbour that services them. That there is any infrastructure is the result of several fresh water crater lakes on the island chain which have popularized it among the mainlands upper echelons as a renowned health spa. The two largest are located on South Falkan Island and owned by two separate and competing health resorts. The first is located on the southern beach in the coastal lowlands between South Falkan Island’s two mountain ranges and owns the Southern Crater Lake. The second resort is set into the cliffs of the Island’s northern headlands and owns North Crater Lake

The largest island in the chain is South Falkan Island which is approximately 40km long and at its widest point the north and southern facing shores are 15kms apart. The total land mass of the island is roughly 180km2. The islands southern most point is largely sand dunes that rise out of the stormy sea deposited there by North-Easterly flowing currents. The dunes are covered sparsely by a disparate collection of salt water grasses and fleshy plants. As the dunes proceed further north they gradually become a serries of low hills and shallow gullies. These hills are foliated by a sparse forest whose trees are so stunted by the coastal winds and South Falkan Island’s poor soil that they barely qualify as trees rather than bushes. There is little undergrowth. Eventually the hills begin to increase in height rapidly creating a very sharp incline. At the same time the forest swiftly becomes impassable as undergrowth grows exponentially thicker. The ranges tallest point is approximately 298m above sea level, its lowest 90m above sea level. At this point the only way to proceed further is along hiking trails or a single winding dirt road that goes from South Falkan Island’s southern point to its northern point along the southern coast effectively connecting the islands two resorts and the two crater lakes and the islands only harbour/wharf. As abruptly as the southern mountain range begins it recedes leaving a coastal low land only five meters above sea level. The southern side of this lowland is occupied by one of the islands resorts and the northern side is an impassable coastal swamp. The lowlands continue for nearly ten kilometres before another mountain range rises out of the plain. It shares many of the characteristics of the earlier one being all but impassable except for hiking trails and the single dirt road carved into the forest. The second mountain range riser higher than the first its highest peak being 522m above sea level. Once again the mountains abruptly decline this time plateau out at 110ms above sea level creating the northern head lands, a series of towering cliffs that at are 80m high at there greatest point.

The two crater lakes are fresh water and safe to drink. They are located roughly in the centre of the two mountain ranges in what were once the island’s twin volcanic peaks.

The remaining islands in the chain are mainly steep volcanic peaks with the exception of the chain’s second largest island, which is rather a smooth plain speckled with low hills and a sparse forest, gently rising out of the sea. The island chain’s third resort is located here.
101st paratroopers
14-03-2009, 20:30
ooc: Holy shit, is anyone going to repost my map?
15-03-2009, 00:01
The six ships of Battlegroup Davenport cut through the water, each of the Cyclone-class patrol boats traveling at their maximum speed of thirty-five knots. Aboard the vessels the elite Special Forces operators of Marine Force Reconnaissance, the tip of the spear of Jennings & Rall’s military lay in wait as they neared the coast, and trailing one hour behind them, over a thousand of 1st Division’s finest were ready to storm the beaches and combat any enemy force that may be nestled on the coast and interior.

Of course, this was not a true military operation, the guns that would be fired would shoot harmless infrared lasers, corpsmen carried touchpad’s that would simulate battlefield medicine, and the coming exchange of fire would not in the slightest be lethal. No, this was practice, wargames that would prepare them for similar situations and operations if they were to arise in reality. However, the men and women participating saw this as the real thing, as if they were truly charging into battle with live ammunition and under orders to eliminate the enemy, a key part of any wargame that was to be considered as a realistic representation of military operation.

This is what the fourteen special warfare commandos aboard the JRN Alhalzia readied themselves for as the outline of King’s Island began to appear from behind the obscuring morning fog that blanketed the region. Gripping her modified M4A1 Carbine, Corporal Cosette Freeman prepared for the order to deploy the RIB, the first step to come in the sixteen hour operation they were now tasked with executing as they would move ahead of the main assault force, wreaking havoc and destruction behind enemy lines and paving a path to be followed.

“Checkmate has confirmed stand-by, awaiting orders to initiate Operation JAVELIN from CENTCOM” crackled over her radio.

The cold saltwater spray that pelted the shooter was an old friend, a throwback to Freeman’s first operations with Force Recon now almost four years ago. Although those had been operations mainly combating terror networks within the country, they were real combat missions, something that Alpha Four had been accustomed to for their operational history. Checking over her weapon, Cosette went over the finely tuned instrument of destruction, a Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight sat atop the assault rifle, a blank firing adapter disguised as a sound suppressor was coupled with a laser barrel attachment that for use in wargames was all complemented by a tactical flashlight, forward grip, and laser sight.

Now it was just a matter of time while the Marines waited for clearance from Checkmate.
15-03-2009, 01:49
[ Marine Force Recon Advanced Combat Armor ( ]

[ Jennings & Rall Marines ( ]

[ Cyclone-class Patrol Vessel ( ]

[ M1A6 Infantry Fighting Vehicle ( ]

[ Kings Island is the large island to the northeast of Stronghold. If the name is unacceptable, I can change it if you wish Battlehawk ]
Void Templar
15-03-2009, 19:01
A slight wind whipped at the end of Admiral Volya ('s greatcoat as he stood on the deck of the VTN Da'rehl, the command vessel and lead Dreadnought of the Templarian task force in the wargame, as the fleet slowly made it's way towards the Stronghold Island. 10 Rafales circled overhead, silhoutted against the white clouds in their black and crimson paint, guarding the fleet.
"Admiral?" A marine captain stepped forward and saluted, waiting for the Admiral to turn. After a moment, Volya smiled and turned.
"No need for formality, Shichiro." He saluted the captain back. Captain Shichiro was his second-in-command and liason to the marine force. Unlike most Templarians, he was of Asian desent, although the gas mask and uniform ( made it impossible to tell.
"If so say so, sir. The men are in position in the APCs, and are ready to storm the beaches when we recieve the go from Checkmate. The current ROE is the standard Biltzkrieg with fire support from the airforce."
"I doubt the Navy will have much use in this battle."
"Agreed. Hopefully the enemy will send some of their ships to be defeated."
"One can only hope."

The APC's began to unload from the various boats carrying them while the ready message was sent up.
101st paratroopers
15-03-2009, 20:56
ooc: I'm going to drop out, I'm taking a sabbatical on NS and jolt for like a month or something. until then, see you guys later.
The Battlehawk
15-03-2009, 21:03
Wargame Control 'Checkmate'

"Three Up, Break, All combattants, two to go, one drop out" CHeckmate announced.

OOC: Should we wait for the others to start?
Void Templar
15-03-2009, 21:23
Wargame Control 'Checkmate'

"Three Up, Break, All combattants, two to go, one drop out" CHeckmate announced.

OOC: Should we wait for the others to start?

OOC: How many on each side have we got so far? 3 attackers, 1 defender? It's up to you I suppose.
The Battlehawk
15-03-2009, 21:29
OOC: Yea I guess, we'll give it a short while
Torturous Chamber
15-03-2009, 22:28
"65th Artillery Regiment is ready, Checkmate!" Most of the regiment was placed on Stronghold Island, with a few anti-air battalions on the outer islands. The game was coming.

OOC: Can you put up a map or something, BH?
The Battlehawk
15-03-2009, 22:35
Wargame Control 'Checkmate'

"Alright, that's enough, lets start, anyone else can join in as their troops are ready" Checkmate announced "Wargames start NOW!"

BAF Halton

The Scramble Alarms sounded, The SAM defenses came online an BAF jets began to take to the sky.

Fort Falcon

With the signle received the troops set out, the Helicoptors took to the sky

OOC: The Only one I've got is 101sts
Torturous Chamber
15-03-2009, 22:43
Missile launchers and flak cannons pointed towards the sky. Artillery leveled onto the horizon. Huge howitzers were loaded. Wargames were this regiment's specialty.

OOC: The link didn't work.
The Battlehawk
15-03-2009, 22:46
OOC: Hmmm, interesting, give me a short while
Torturous Chamber
15-03-2009, 23:18
Void Templar
16-03-2009, 00:29
"Wargames start NOW!"
Immediately, the Templarian comms screamed to life. Excited voices from the Marines chanted and took bets on how many each one would 'kill'.
"Looks like we go up against an arty group."
"It's gettin' hot in there, so take out all their guns!"
"Shut up, Dimitri. All units, die waffen legt an!"
Relatively bored voices from the Navy announced relayed the news to their units.
"All craft, weapons free order given from Checkmate. Shell the enemy into submission." The admiral spoke on a fleet wide comm.
"Gentlemen, good luck. Remember, this is only a game. But we're still going to win."

The guns on the battleships and dreadnoughts turned to face the island, staying out of range of most coastal artillery (they hoped) and opened up. The APCs carrying the marines started towards the island, a small escort of Rafales flying low, below radar height.
Torturous Chamber
16-03-2009, 00:33
"BH, get your fighters up there! I don't want any of my arties to get "destroyed"," the colonel addressed his captain. "Open fire with your howitzers. Their support ships should be in range. Missiles, open fire on the targest looking like they have the most weapons."
The Battlehawk
16-03-2009, 09:43
Battlehawk Aircrart

60 F-32's and 40 F-28's turned and engaged afterburner, heading to teh coastline. They formed up in their squadrons and roared over the troops below.
Central Eastern Africa
16-03-2009, 12:56
0300 hours Airstrip 15

The harsh growl of the E-2C+ turboprops jumping into life ripped through the serene early morning air that settled around the airstrip. Slowly the vehicles pilots guide it on to runway one. It taxied, painfully slowly, to the end of the tarmac, almost too much to bear for the fresh and eager crew. It turned 180 degrees in an almost graceful arc despite the awkwardness of its structure. The pilot then gently eased the throttle forward barely concealing a smile as the lumbering beast seamed to jump forward. The E-2 Hawkeye surveillance unit screamed down the runway all sense of awkwardness its almost alien architecture imparting a menace that should not have been present in a surveillance vehicle. As the vehicle roared into the sky the quite once more settled over Airstrip 15.

0430 hours 100 miles south of the Greater South Falkan Island Chain

The Hawkeye trembled slightly as it battered its way through the air currents moving into position to begin the first patrol of the mission. The surveillance plain would move along a thin loop the length of the Falkan’s southern island chain and 5km wide. It was unlikely that two crews, of the E-2C+s attached to the taskforce, would gain much sleep until the task force’s goals were accomplished. The three operators in the rear of the plain had already picked up several passive radio signals coming from the Greater South Falkan Island and its smaller brothers. These they had diligently sent back to Airstrip 15 to be more carefully analysed and incorporated by the mission planners into General Meles Senawi’s initial attacks. But to fully understand the enemy’s readiness on the Greater South Falkan Island Chain then the bait would have to be deployed and the trap set. The head operator radioed in the go ahead to central command.

0445 hours Airstrip 15

The wild scream of the two F-15E’s jet turbines utterly and irreparably sundered the early morning air. The sound of the E-2C+ was like a pussy cat’s purr to the lion’s roar of the F-15E’s engines as the ripped into the sky heading due east. Underneath the fighters wings were slung a plethora of the weapons of war that made a strike fighter feared.

0500 hours south of Greater South Falkan Island

The two fighters stuck low aiming to avoid enemy radar detection for as long as possible. As they screamed ever closer to the Greater South Falkan Island Chain the pilots showed know intention of easy up on the insane speeds at which to the two aircraft flew. There was no radio chatter on any of the airwaves used by the USSCEA. Not a single word had been spoken between the two pilots and except for single word status conformations every ten minutes as the planes shot across the ocean the pilots had not said a single word.
As Greater South Falkan Island’s mountain ranges began to loom on the pilots horizon the two pilots still showed no sign of letting up on there wild rush towards the island apparently intent on completing the mission they had been assigned.
Abruptly without a word the two pilots pulled up pushing there machines to the very extent of their capabilities. Finally the two Eagles flipped upside down and screamed south as fast as the two birds of prey would allow, dumping there extra fuel tanks and the dummy missiles beneath there wings.

0505 hours E-2C+ surveillance route, 80 miles south of Greater Falkan Island

Tight lipped smiles played across the operator’s mouths as the Eagles wild flight forced a reaction from the defence’s forces on the southern most Falkan island chain. When the enemies radar systems switched on to aggressive to effectively target the two F-15Es it had become possible for the Hawkeye to target the radars exact position.
The smiles slow fade across the operators faces as the AS/ANP-145 radar mounted on the picked up the appearance of a massive number of enemy aircraft. The Hawkeye was currently tracking 100 individual aircraft, a number well with in the high speed processors limit of 600 individual targets.

0510 hours 1st Expedition Central Command, Airstrip 15

“Well” demanded General Meles Senawi of Air Chief Charles Kohner. Chief Khoner was in command of the expedition’s air wing. He heaved a sigh “I recommend that you call back S-1 (the currently active Hawkeye south of GSFI) to within the effective range of the air defence systems we have here. That you launch all remaining fighters in preparation to intercept with the intruders and your remaining Hawkeye to guide them.” Khoner paused for breath. “If they are responding to our probe and not some other threat then they will be overextending themselves by attacking here. And beside we already have the information you needed for your plans, there is no need to risk crucial equipment”. The General nodded once, “I trust you judgment Air Chief, you are of course right we cannot afford casulties this early”.
The silence of the USSCEA’s airwaves was broken as Central Command ordered the withdrawal of S-1 to the safety arc around Airstrip 15.
Around the perimeter of the airstrip paratroopers and cavalry soldiers rushed to the stinger sights specifically prepared for such an attack and the Rapier air defence systems came online. If anything happened the 1st expedition task force would be ready vowed General Senawi.

OOC: im not actually expecting you to attck the airstrip, i just sorta think thats how they would react when 100 fighters suddenly appeared on there radar. its nearly 3 times as many as mine own fighters in this wargame and yours are obviously better and newer models. cause my general is cautious and desperate to succeed.
Void Templar
20-03-2009, 17:50
"BH, get your fighters up there! I don't want any of my arties to get "destroyed"," the colonel addressed his captain. "Open fire with your howitzers. Their support ships should be in range. Missiles, open fire on the targest looking like they have the most weapons."

Battlehawk Aircrart

60 F-32's and 40 F-28's turned and engaged afterburner, heading to teh coastline. They formed up in their squadrons and roared over the troops below.

OOC: Sorry for taking so long. People to see, things to do, etc. Bloody life. ¬_¬

IC: "Incoming missiles launched from the enemy fleet bearing for you, Da'rehl, plus bogies bearing south headed from the island, break and engage." Most of the Superhornets broke away from the main group, headed to engage the incoming enemy fighters. Combined with the Rafale escort, the enemy would be met by 87 fighters, plus the mounted machine guns on top of the APCs.

Meanwhile, the fleet returned fire, the dreadnought crews aiming their heavy batteries, 10 18.5 inch main guns taking aim before firing. The fleet dispersed somewhat, to avoid any splash damage or misplaced shots.
Torturous Chamber
20-03-2009, 23:49
OOC: Remember this is not live fire...actually, BH, can we make this live fire? Having no fire is just gonna make it more complicated.
Void Templar
21-03-2009, 12:46
OOC: Remember this is not live fire...actually, BH, can we make this live fire? Having no fire is just gonna make it more complicated.

OOC: I know, but I'm not quite sure how to describe it otherwise.And live-fire would make it a bit easier.
Torturous Chamber
21-03-2009, 13:56
OOC: What do you say, BH?
The Battlehawk
21-03-2009, 14:30
OOC: Like blanks?
Torturous Chamber
21-03-2009, 15:33
OOC: Either that or just turn it into an actual battle scenario with live fire.
21-03-2009, 15:42
[ You could always go the high-tech route and use targeting lasers and computer simulations in place of live fire. Infantry basically playing laser tag, missiles and artillery are not actually launched, computers simply calculate what would happen based on conditions and signal to those affected that they have 'died' ]