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Ultimatum to the

26-02-2009, 12:21
TO: The Dominion of Strator
CC: Clientele of the Dominion of Strator
FROM: Office of the Warmarshal of the Protectorate of Lyras

On the 17th of November, two years ago, the Lyran Protectorate issued the Dominion of Strator with this ( clear, unequivocal warning. Our resolve remains unchanged. Our strength has only grown. Once more, one final time, we voice our call.

The Dominion of Strator is thusly and hereby REQUIRED to begin such legislative, judicial or administrative procedures as are necessary to bring about THE COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISSOLUTION of slavery as an institution, in all its forms, within one month of the issue of this statement.

To those states that look to the Dominion for satisfaction of the dishonourable avarice that calls for the unconscionable exploitation of those stripped forcibly of their freedom, we say this;

We desire not the death of the dishonourable, but that they should turn from their dishonour, and live. Do not mistake our graciousness and patience for hesitancy. We stand in defence of the weak undaunted, and are honourbound to act, or else cast the Protectorate to the mire of history as the worthless sham of itself that such cowardice would reveal it to be.

Failure to end such trade in human life will force the Protectorate to employ such measures as are needed, to bring about that resolution. We will not allow you to wallow in your mammonite contempt for sentience, and all that entails, nor permit by our inaction the spreading rot that your despicable lack of a conscience propogates. You will end slavery. Or Lyran guns will end it for you.

One month.

Leon Krell
Warmarshal of the Protectorate
Protectorate of Lyras
26-02-2009, 13:57
Whilst the Protectorate is undoutably in no need for international cheerleaders or direct assitance in this matter the Kingdom of Crookfur would like to offer it's full moral suport and offer any assitance that might be required should it be asked for.
Etoile Arcture
26-02-2009, 14:39
Diplomatic Directorate - Official Communiqué

From: Dr. Michiko Flax, Director General, Diplomatic Directorate of the Unitary Technocracy of Etoile Arcture
To: Len Krell, Warmarshal, Protectorate of Lyras
Classification: Restricted, Eyes Only
Subject: Slavery and human trafficking by Strator

I write to you to express the broad support of the Unitary Technocracy towards the position taken by the Protectorate of Lyras against the henious crimes being committed by the Strator state.

I am forced by circumstances to qualify that we cannot at this time offer our unequivacable support in regards to the threat or use of military action to resolve this issue. But, should the Protectorate of Lyras find itself in the future under attack from any parties in this affair the Unitary Technocracy will offer military support to aid the Protectorate of Lyras in its cause.

We hope that other nations will also join this worthy cause to stamp out the scourge of slavery and human trafficing. The Unitary Technocracy has declared sanctions against Strator and an embargo of all goods from Strator. Any vessels of Strator origin found in the open seas by our Maritime Forces will also be stopped and searched, and if found holding slaves the crews prosecuted according to international law.

/signed/ Michiko Flax
26-02-2009, 15:57
from: Jalanat
to: Lyras

our nation would like to notify your nation that Strator is not part of the World Assembly and therefore he is free to carve his nation laws as he sees fit, however we are against his slave trade going international. our nation shall stay neutral whenever you wage war but i would like to state that our nation will not use these practises on either international or national scale.
26-02-2009, 17:00
The Colony of Ollieland joins Lyras and crookfur in their wholesale condemnation of the Stratorian practice of slavery. Stratorian membership, or lack thereof, of the World Assembly or any iother international organisation should not and will not act as a brake on our condemnation of such abuse of basic human rights. Ollieland stands with Lyra and adds it's own weight to their ultimatum to Strator to cease such barbarism.

Governor Connie Chung
Dostanuot Loj
26-02-2009, 20:14
Open Declaration of the Dictorial Republic of Sumer

To all those concerned,

Although it is my great pleasure to once again declare our support for our close friends and allies in the Protectorate, this is a matter of serious concern for us all. To that extent, should the Protectorate see need of it, the forces of the Dictorial Republic are at her disposal. We will stand with our Lyran brothers and sisters to ensure the right to freedom of the innocent is not trampled.

- Head of State, Dictator of Sumer, Priestess of Inanna,
Ridingir Kisikil Dumumiapuabiak Dumuaninatumak Urukak Leshbarkingdu Kalamak Ninuru

Signed: Kisikil Ninatuma
26-02-2009, 20:34


Dear Warmarshall Krell,

I am with you completely in this quarrel, and I hope to work towards an global end to slavery. These ignorant swine have for too long stood for oppression and injustice, and a time for freedom and liberation is now at hand. You are right when you say that slavery must end, and I can simply add that if it comes to guns, then the guns of Parilisa will cry out beside the guns of Lyras. Such measures may be necessary, and we shall not shy from the perilous task.

Yours Sincerely,
President Nathaniel Klein
26-02-2009, 22:47
THE ARMED REPUBLIC OF NACHMERE | Foreighn Affairs Department

Honorable Warmarshall Krell,

The tiny and young Armed Republic of Nachmere would like to sound it's support of your call for an end to slave trading.
While we obviously can not assist in military action (we are far too small a nation),
we will be happy to assist in any other way that will be possible.

Dan Gonesh, Secretary of Foreighn Affairs,
on behalf of the people of Nachere.
26-02-2009, 23:01
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