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24-02-2009, 04:57
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24-02-2009, 05:21
Crisis in Aglorea Worsens

Foreign Ministry Issues Statement Condemning Aglorean Dictator Press; Commons-General Passes Aglorean Freedom Support Act

Today, the situation in the formerly Democratic Republic of Aglorea deteriorated further, as John Press, the president-turned Dictator-For-Life of Aglorea, ordered former Aglorean Senator Phelps, a vociferous critic of the new regime, executed in front of a massive audience in the Aglorean capital. Graphic videos of the execution, having found their way onto international video-sharing websites, have outraged many within Aesterland-Craitejk, as small but growing protests outside the Parliament Buildings called upon Prime Minister Vliet and his government to take what action it could.

Foreign Secretary Releases Statement to International Community, Foreign Press

Commenting on the situation during her weekly press conference, Foreign Secretary Ira Marijnissen released the statement the Foreign Ministry made to the international community on the crisis:
United States of Aesterland-Craitejk

Official Statement of the Foreign Ministry

In recent days, we have seen the transformation of the Democratic Republic of Aglorea, a once vibrant, representative democracy, into an opressive, one-man dictatorship, all for the whims of one evil and sick-minded person. The United States of Aesterland-Craitejk whole-heartedly condemns this illegal and anti-democratic takeover, and also announces its full and unconditional support of the international effort spearheaded by the Armed Republic of Salzland and the Commonwealth of Tolvan in order to defeat this dictator and his odious regime.

Commons-General Passes Aglorean Freedom Support Act 564-0

In an unprecedented occurance, all 564 members of the Commons-General voted in favour of a bill called the Aglorean Freedom Support Act, intending to support international efforts against the Press regime. Among other measures, it mandates:

Prohibition of all contracts by Aesterian corporations with the new government,
Sanctions on all luxury items to the Empire of Aglorea,
Aesterian compliance with international arms embargoes against the Press regime,
Permission for Aglorean resistance groups to be provided funding by the Federal Government,
Permission of foreign forces to use Aesterland-Craitejk's waters and airspace to overthrow the Press regime by force, if necessary

Noting the passing of today's legislation by the notoriously fracticious Commons-General, Prime Minister Vliet said, "The passage of this act brings Aesterland-Craitejk into the international group of nations working to free the Aglorean people from the Press regime. Hopefully, our nation can help bring a brother people out of its darkness and back into the light of freedom."