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Non-aggression Treaty with TFU (Open ATTEN TFU: FT)

The Steppe Empire
23-02-2009, 06:55
Hyperborians were not great Diplomats nor were they liking of Peace. Mostly Peace with a un-honorable enemy such as The United Terran Federation, a people that had no honor, who enslaved others and hated freedom.

But yet, Diplomacy had its uses, such as keeping The Terrans at bay and keeping them from being a problem to Hyperborian Plans for the Galaxy in large.

that is why The Hyperborians sent a Document of a Non Aggression pact to The Terrans viva HoloNet for The Terrans to agree to it, or have The Cold War Continue till one Power was gone.

Treaty of Non-Aggression Between The United Terran Federation and The Hyperborian Khanate

(1): Both the Terrans and The Hyperborians agree NOT to enter The Neutral Zone and that a Third Party nation shall Patrol it to better keep the peace.

(2): The Terrans will stay out of Hyperborian Territory and keep all Ships out of Khanate Spae, same for The Hyperborians. any Violation of this will be a state of war.

(3): The Terrans will not interfere with Hyperborian Actions Outside UTF Territory and agrees not to enter any war The Hyperborian Khanate will be in.

(4): The Hyperborians will be allowed to Build their own Superweapons will out Interference from the Terrans, Should the Terrans Violate this. Then The NAP will be nullified.

(5): No Weapons will be tested in The Neutral Zone, Violation of this willend The NAP and be a act of war.

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The Message was Transmitted to The Terrans.
The Steppe Empire
23-02-2009, 19:03