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23-02-2009, 00:10
[Port Yuko, half way down the coast from Trade City 1 in Nikirtistuk]

Riots started to rage throughout the city, enraged by the actions of the HIVE. And now with the absence of Trade Master 9 Port Yuko had no leader. The situation quickly got out of hand before anyone could react. And as fast someone could drop a pen the rioters took control of the city. The HIVE was infuriated by this event, but they were too late. The group of people that were in hold of Port Yuko soon formed the Pataari Yapulapu, the Liberators of the Pataari people, who were determined to free the nation from the grip of ZaKomnia. The HIVE was not pleased at all, and they quickly mobilised all available reserves to be sent to the area surrounding Port Yuko. It would seem that the Port Yuko forces would be immediately be doomed, but soon crucial members betrayed the HIVE.

Fighting had not started outright, but suspense was drawn upon the borders of the Pataari Yapulapu's land. But the tension ended in time and periodic stattacos of gunfire bursting soon became a common thing to hear in Port Yuko, and it started to spread to the north and to the east.
Pitailiwela dove into the mud as a plane droned above him, as did every other PY solider advancing through a field. The plane pass over uneventfully and every stood up and spat out their mouthful of mud.
"Isinepbuk!" Someone yelled, telling the others to shoot, and instinctively the men knelt and opened fire through the fields and just as Pitailiwela had his finger on the trigger he felt the side of his chest start to sear with pain and as he hyperventilated he blacked out.

Pitailiwela woke in a field hospital in a daze, he looked down to see that his chest had swollen a great deal, but it was covered in bandages. To him it looked like the Marshmellows that were a rare ration food given. He tried to talk, but found his voice much more weak then he though to a lone nurse in the hospital
"Where am I" he said, almost in a croak.
"35 kilometers south of Nikirtistuk" the nurse said, using the name of Trade City 1 before ZaKomianisim came to Ulanpataar.
Kangusar smiled as he pulled out a cigaret to calm him. The HIVE just had taken a small village. He would otherwise be jubilant for the victory, but watching a parade of lamenting civilians mourn over relatives lost in the terror bombings put a damper on every body's mood, and the dark of Pataari winter had not helped. Even as HIVE forces sat at a store eating their lunch a PY man could shoot them in the chest and run off into the dark. It put a mood of paranoia over the entire area.
23-02-2009, 02:37
Pitailiwela had recovered from the bullet wound that grazed his lung, but as he walked outside to the midday night his chest still hurt. He was given back a rifle and his uniform and given a slip of paper that told him to go to the train tracks.
"Climb aboard this train car, boy" said a PY officer extending his hand to Pitailiwe, who grabbed his arm and was pulled into a crowed train car full of people. Within a minute the train choked to a start and started to chug on forward.
Pitailiwe poked a nearby rifle man and asked a question "Where are we headed, has there been anything major happening?"
The rifleman blinked and started to speak "We are headed to Nikirtistuk, and we have taken all the land surrounding it, and we are just about to carve into the city. Trade Master 3 has left Iyaroak and it is believed that is is making another resistance group to bolster us from Unvasiktok. Nothing much beyond that. Oh, did you hear that? We should be getting ready now." sounds of mortar blasts could be now heard in the distance with the buzzing of planes flying in the distance and helicopters chattering rather near by.

The train stopped and the officers ran out of the car the soldiers followed and stopped at a bulwark of random rubble. A chaplain stood on a wooden crate and started reciting verses as Pitailiwe walked to his regiment officer and heard his commands to take the city. They wanted to have a minimum amount of civilian causalities as they made into the city, so it could not be starved out or be shelled. They had to make through Nikirtistuk house by house.

Civilians ran to PY lines, but a good deal of them were shot as they made their way away from HIVE forces. The civilians with the will to fight were simply given a rifle and was pointed to the city, those who weren't were taken to the train.

Soon the ground battle would begin.
El Centro de tierras
23-02-2009, 03:03
The guard detail around the Centrogüese Embassy was simply not adequate for the defense of the entire structure. It was decided that there would be four men on the roof, each guarding one direction, with two men guarding the base entrance. Several pistols had been handed out to ex-reserves, militias and infantrymen, which added three more men to security detail to the base floor. The first RPK-47 was on the roof facing the entrance of the building, the second was guarding the base floor with the other men.

Doctor Yomen was busy communicating with the General Assembly Representative, "Estamos aquí menos de un mes y el infierno ya está empezando a salir. Mira que estoy pidiendo," He paused partly for drama and more-so for though, "No, yo la demanda, la evacuación inmediata de esta mierda." The General Assembly Representative decided that he was to stay on standby and he would consult with the General Assembly, and perhaps have a poll from the nation. "Dios sabe que va a tener para siempre." But he knew that the system could only be rushed so little.

The Doctor flipped off that communiqué and sent one to hosting nation, "This is Doctor Ambassador Yomen, we're requesting assistance of a police or army squad at our embassy. If we are evacuated you have full permission to use this complex as command post or defensive position. However, we need those troops here. A.S.A.P." He knew he didn't have that kind of authorization, but he had to do what he had to do.
23-02-2009, 04:04
"Five men is simply not enough!" Ambassador Thernius said, slamming his fist on his desk. "I don't care how well-trained they are, there's no way they'll be able to protect this embassy. We simply just lack the manpower and we can't bring in any real soldiers fast enough."

"Sir, I don't see why we just don't evacuate to--" Johann Kissinger, his military adviser, started to say before he was cut off by the Ambassador.

"Evacuate to where, exactly? We haven't got a ship within miles and even if we did, it would have to stay in international waters. We wouldn't be able to reach it if we wanted. We can't call in the Pataari military, either. They have us pretty much under constant surveillance and it's not like they would give us that kind of authorization."

"Well, there's always the shelter. We could set that as a fallback position and have the Marines set up defensive lines from the gates to the basement, or we could set up the SUVs in front to use a barricade. Then we'd just have to wait out until our forces arrive to reinforce the embassy."

"You make it sound as if we're going to be invading. Need I remind you, Johann, that we're under total watch. This room is more than likely bugged in someway."

"Well, what do you propose, Ambassador?" Kissinger said, clasping his hands.

The Ambassador thought for a moment, rubbing his rather impressive beard and weighing his options.

"We can try evacuate the civilians first, using the SUVs and Blackhawk. Once they're safe, we should be able to assess the situation and decide on any further actions." Thernius said.

"That's a good idea, sir. I'll go tell the pilots to prepare the helicopter and we'll start loading all non-essentials as soon as possible."

With that, Kissinger rose from his chair and left the Ambassador to reflect on any possible consequences of his choice.
23-02-2009, 04:18
OOC: During the civil war that is going on in Ulanpataar, this nation cannot guarentee the safety of it's embassies in Ulanpataar and therefore i suggest temporally withdrawal of the embassies in Ulanpataar untill the war has ended or there is a ceasefire agreement since Ulanpataar lacks security for it's foreign embassies in this nation.
23-02-2009, 05:01
OOC: Your nation does not provide adequate security for the foreign embassies in your country, there are no rights for the foreign embassies in your nation, your embassies are under constant survellence, your nation denies the rights of each embassy aquring the additional security to ensuring the security of each foreign embassy in your nation. Your nation is very hostile towards them.

I am very glad your nation has rejected my nation in forming a embassy in your nation.
23-02-2009, 05:57
Pitailiwela tried to catch his breath as he hit behind a chest high concrete wall. He put his rifle to his shoulder and crawled to the side of the wall. To his front he read a sign reading 'Arotlak Nerotuyek' and saw two armed him in face veils. He looked through his rifles iron sites and focused on one of the men and paused his breathing as soon as he was as focus as he could he squeezed the trigger. One of the men immediately crumpled to the ground and the other became alerted and took his rifle to his shoulder. Pitailiwe fired another shot, and it took the HIVE soldier to the ground, but it took another shot to make the man grow limp.

After this happened Pitailiwe was shocked as someone talked close to him, he looked up to see several other PY men, one of them had their hand extended to help him up. Pita stood and spoke " So what was that you said?"
"We will be trying to free some embassies, it'll give them a path to go back to the trains but it will still be dangerous." Said the man who helped him up, Kautauyar, who was motioning to a embassy with a large hammer and sickle flag displayed on the sides. Pita took a few steps only to be stopped by another soldier. "No, not yet. There are some HIVE men. We actually just saw a few go into the bushes, so take aim."The crew of soldiers aimed their guns and fired into the bushes. Agonised screams jumped from the bushes and took attention to the group of PY soldiers. "Koshonepbuk!" yelled someone and the group ran to the nearest cover the lit entrance to the embassy.
Kangusar chattered his teeth as he struggled to keep afloat in the icy waters. He had been ordered to aid in the defence for Trade City 1, but the helicopter that had been transporting him had taken in flak and was shot down. All the other men who had been in the helicopter could not swim as well with them, and so they were deep beneath the waves. But Kangus kept him self afloat with all of his strength, but his strength was diminishing. As he choked more and more on the salty water he drifted into lucid dreams, dreams of his his father when he was young, before he went to the war and never returned. The varied lucid dreams of Kangus became indistinguishable from when he was awake, and so he blacked out.
23-02-2009, 23:30
OOC: Your flag has a hammer and sickle? I was refering to Techno-Soviet's embassy. In a few posts they'll be up to you, and there is gonna be a IC post inc from me.
"Just crack open the window" shouted pita after watching a few unsuccessful attempts to break into the embassies doors. A man quickly cracked a window with his rifle butt, breaking it open. Quickly men dived in to avoid the shots that were now hitting the embassy, aimed to them. One of the men was shot in the middle back as he climbed in, the man behind Pita, and fell to the floor that that littered with glass shards. After a moment that man stopped moving and just started to woefully moan. The other men were busy trying to get the HIVE soldiers that were shooting at them. With another window for cover they just poked up and shot in the direction of where the man shot last, one of the only ways you could do that in darkness. As the men paused to reload they heard a frightful sound, the noise of falling mortar shells sounding like screeching ghosts from old horror tales. The blasts were near, but they did not hit the building. Each shell hit the neighbouring building with a crash that dazed every PY soldier in the Techno-Soviet embassy and incapacitating them with a deafening noise. As Pita felt the warm presence of blood trickling down his face from his ears he fired two more shots, and then there was a echo across the street as the first HIVE solider fell to the street with a satisfactory thud. Within a few more shots from his comrades the second men fell.
"What of the Mortar?" inquired Pita
"We don't know where it is, but someone has to take care of it. Maybe another squad will run into that." said Kautauyar
"We can't rely on chance, we must go and do it ourselves if we want it to be done quickly. It seems to be somewhere to the Northeast, we should at least try."
The squad nodded and one man who could only speak in fragments of common, more than anyone else in the squad, was told to oversee the Embassy as the others ran off to dispatch the Mortar Battery. The man nodded and another bust of mortar fire fell upon the area.
"Kosonapbuk, Kosonapbuk*!" said Kautauyar, and then they ran to the northeast through a embassy door with rifles in hand. As they ran as fast as they could until they stopped at a sign that read 'Arok Tiretroak' and saw a jeep filled with people with the letters PY roughly spray painted on it. Pita's squad told the jeep of the mortars, and some of the men said that they were going to the Centrogüese embassy, and that there were reports of a mortar den in the area. Pita and three other men were sent back to the Techno-Soviet embassy to keep guard there as the other men cleared it out.
Kangusar was dazed when he woke on a beach. He coughed out salt water and sand and laid there lethargically trying to observe the surrounding until a very bright light flashed into his eyes. The the extreme bright of what might have been a spot light was abruptly cut off by a dark hood. His screams and yells were reduced to obscure muffling as he was picked up. He felt himself being moved, and then he felt cold metal as it seemed he was put down. It seemed that he was put into a jeep. At about that time he had come to realise how hold he was, but he shivered himself to a lull as the jeep drove off to a unknown direction.

[Incomming torture scene]

A bright blinding light woke him, he now found himself bound into a chair. A voice spoke from his side, but he could not turn to look who the person was, but he spoke "Who are you?"
"I am Kangusar, Kangus Kusuyolu."
"Of the ZaKomian HIVE?"
"I am Kangusar, Kangus Kusuyolu."
The man laughed and Kangus heard him rummage through some metal toolkit. But as the thought that the man struck one of his front teeth and drove the chisel deep into his tooth with the aid of a mallet. Kangus screamed, but a rag was thrown into his mouth in scilence him and to sop up the blood that was freely pouring out of his sundered tooth. After a moment the rag was ripped away from his mouth and the voice spoke again
"I repeat my self, are you of the ZaKomian HIVE?"
Kangus tried to calm him self by closing his eyes to rest for a moment, but the lights grew brighter. He spoke "Yes, of the ZaKomian HIVE"
"A veteran of the HIVE, please tell me of any plans you know of."
"I will never let Ulanpataar's prosperity wither under your rule." Said Kangus, but before he could shift in his seat another chisel was forced in one of his front bottom teeth. A rag was thrown back into his mouth to let Kangus recover for a moment

[An hour later]
Kangus was drenched in sweat and his breaths were shallow and panicked. He mumbled random things out, unimportant things, and it was now noticeable that he spoke with a severe lisp.
"Just end it, and tell us what you know." said the voice, as calm as ever.
Kangus still said nothing, but the moment he felt the cold metal of a revolver pressing against he temple he started sputtering. He heard the hammer cock into place and he spoke "They wish to have revenge, they will thrike Port Yuko with their throngest thanding fleet --" the hammer lowered and Kangusar's head grew limp in the restrains as bones and gore blew from a side of his head, he was no more. And they now knew a major attack was going to take place.

* "We run" in the imperative mood, kind of like "vamos".
Also take note that it is Kan-gusar
24-02-2009, 03:19
The Ambassador was in the middle of a thought when he was rudely interrupted by the sound of automatic fire from outside the embassy. He briskly walked over to his window and looked down on the courtyard. Pataari rebels were engaged in a firefight between the embassy's special forces unit and government forces.

Suddenly, Johann Kissinger burst into the room, carrying a USP and completely out of breath. "S-Sir, they-the rebels-they're inside the building!" he said, in between gasps and wheezes.

"Very well. Tell the men to secure the helicopter pad and garage. Arrange for all non-essentials to be transported by car to the capital. We'll use the helicopter to evacuate and try to get a message to the Navy. Hopefully, the Pataari government will allow us to deploy a small assault force to retake and reinforce our embassy, as it is our sovereign territory."

"Y-yes sir. The helicopter is already on the pad and fueled. Most of the security team is already there and have set up a defensive position around the garage."

"Good. What of our civilians?"

"They-they're on th-the way, s-sir. The rest of our security detail has reported that most of them have already entered the cars. They're bulletproof, so they should be mostly safe as long as the rebels don't have any anti-armor or armor-piercing weapons with them."

"This is wonderful news, Johann. Have the rest of our men set up a position near the helipad and have the crew start it up. Tell them we'll be there in a minute." The Ambassador said, pulling a small, ceremonial revolver from his desk drawer."

Johann Kissinger produced a small radio from the inside pocket of his coat and barked an order into it: "Bravo team, fallback to the helipad and await our arrival. We should be there momentarily."

A voice quickly responded: "Affirmative, sir. Should Alpha wait near the vehicles?"

Kissinger turned to the Ambassador, who nodded slightly.

"Uh, that's affirmative. Have Alpha wait in cover near the vehicles, then fallback to the helicopter once we're onboard."

"Roger that, sir. Bravo out."

Thernius pocketed his small pistol and turned to Kissinger, "Well, Johann, are we taking the back door?"

"Appears so, sir. The rebels have locked down the foyer and there's no way we go out the front." Kissinger said, peeking out into the hallway.

The Ambassador merely nodded and followed his adviser, keeping his hand on his pistol.
El Centro de tierras
25-02-2009, 04:31
A group could be seen getting out a jeep, the number of men was unknown, but broadcasting over a speaker reviled that they had no intention to harm them, still the Centrogüese were skeptical and slowly joined the jeep. They relayed all the on goings and it was clear that everyone of the Centrogüese would give a stunning review of the PY's performace. It was decided that there would be two Centrogüese riflemen in the front and back, and a support infantryman behind them, adding to that the other three men who were given pistols would act a reserve and the PY troops would arrange themselves according to their tactical doctrine. The civilians stayed in the center of the group and were instructed to scatter if bullets started spraying. The commander of the security team, Sergeant Mendez, went to the man who seemed in charge and started conversing, "Look, we need to get our civilians out of here, but it looks like you guys would need a bit of extra help getting the other Embassy personnel out of here, I'd be willing to volunteer my men."
25-02-2009, 05:35
Pita walked to the three man back to the Techno-Soviet embassy through the rubble strewn streets. The other men started shouting at each other as a cluster of planes that might have been considered modern twenty five years ago flew very low straight overhead. The men were unable to see any markings on them, but they did not want to get hit, so they ran to the place that gave them the most security in the area. They stood back up in confusion and continued to walk to the embassy. But a series of loud flat barks filled the men's ears. It rendered all the minor sounds of the area moot, and as they turned around they saw a set of three or four pillars of dusts.
"That could not have been our men, I though that it was said that we were going to abstain from anything that might cause unnecessary civilian deaths. It must have been HIVE men, and if it was I really want to know what was hit. I do not see any sort of a presence now, we should go and report to a headquarters here and try to gather news." said Pita and the other men nodded, another man pointed to the Southwest, apparently there was a headquarters a few blocks in that direction. The men agreed and started to walk, their minds drifted from the Techno-soviet embassy, most of their last thoughts about it were along the lines is that the one person left to keep it secure was having a fun time there.

As they walked down the streets they were surprised to see to so many signs of fighting, but as they walked to the command center a shot rang out and the person standing aside Pitailiwela fell to his knees, still alive but blood ran down his chest and he looked at the rest of the squad with a blanched and shocked face and fell unconscious to the street. The group did not move until another shot rang out and the men started running down the street as fast as they could.

They finally reached a improvised building that had radio antennas sticking out from it. Pita walked up to a short, old looking person standing in uniform that was covered in medals that seemed to have more to do with the fact he did not have cavities in a foreign legion of another nation than actual service and smoking a cigarette. Pitailiwe spoke "Sir, how does the news fare? I have seen a bomb strike, and that has raised questions in my mind."
"That, my son, was our men. There was a holding of HIVE men in the mayoral building, and we wiped the place clean. Now there are only small pockets of resistance in what we hold--"
"--And snipers" added a crewman
"And snipers, and there is about a third of the city that is not under our rule. What was your name, son?"
The officer looked through his papers and read it "The one that was supposed to handle the Techno-Soviet embassy? How did that fare?"
"Ermm...very good."
"Very good to hear, I am pleased to tell you that you are now Pitailiwelare, there is no patches or anything like that, but we have the paper work to tell that you are now of rank to lead a squad. Stay here and rest." pita nodded and went off to the bunk room to go to sleep.
25-02-2009, 05:53
"Uh, sir..." one of the embassy guard's voice crackled over Johann's radio, "...we found a guy just milling about the front courtyard. Looks like his buddies either left or caught some rounds. We have no idea what to do with him, so we're keeping him blindfolded and handcuffed in the back the of the chopper. Anything specific we're supposed to do to enemy combatants, besides following ROE?"

"Keep him there but untie him. We don't want the rebels to think we're the enemy and we don't want the government thinking that we're taking...former...citizens. We're on our way now. C'mon Ambassador, we still have to get out of here. That goon's friends could come strolling in any time now."

Johann peeked around the hallway. A few bullet holes, a couple piles of rubble, nothing more. He turned to the Ambassador and motioned for him to follow.

"Bravo team, meet us at the rear entrance."

"Roger that, sir."

"Tell me, Johann, how exactly are we going to proceed once we're out of the country? Are we just going to let these rebels take control of the government of this nation or are we going to try to support the government and help suppress this uprising?" Thernius said, stepping over a small pile of glass and drywall.

"Sir, I'm not exactly sure. All I know is that we'll figure that out once we report back to the council and get further orders." Johann said, opening the main door to the lobby, "Sir, the back entrance is just around here and down this hallway."
Third Spanish States
25-02-2009, 06:05
Perhaps evening was nearly coming, for it was difficult to recognize how much time passed after three bottles of whiskey and two of vodka, the measurements of someone's mood after being told his expertise wasn't necessary in the struggle against the enemy. The unlit lamp and the white ceiling hanged over her vision, and time passed over and over through a depressive state where there was neither beginning nor end. It was a guilty, a guilty of being paid for doing nothing at the moment, the guilty of those who among the members of the MilNet, were better at killing or spying people than at making deals with them. For persons who had their entired teens made of harsh military training instead of social life, that was particularly true.

' "Yet in Tucker, yet in Tucker I am, sometimes... I feel like nothing, a parasite, like a worm wiggling in this enclosed aparment, decaying and rotting like a sedentary fat goth chick... I thought I would wake up and see it again, but nothing." ' she thought, looking at the static ceiling, blank and valueless.

' "They are so right.... I hate this life. I cannot live this way, those damn raves, those drugs, those weak of will who would smear the pants at what I have seen. I can only think of doing one thing now, I want it back, the war, the art of intelligence... one year waiting for it to happen, one year getting frail and decadent. One year as the pigs grow and I diminish, every day." '

Sighing, she turned her head to the left and checked the alarm clock. Five o' clock, another lost day, and there was no end to it. What was the point to be thrown into a jungle with only her uniform, to either perish or prove the ability to survive? What was the point to face the harsh subzero weather of the arctic? Or the sleep deprivation? Looking as it was now, anyone would probably laugh at her face and throw a misogynist joke if she claimed to be a Blackguard. And even when she could have been one, there was "the best", the one who overshadowed her, that stubborn masochist named Marie Nansen who nearly got herself killed more than once during her training, and who took from her the position of best in the class. Although what she heard on Nansen was enough to make her feel lucky for being the second best rather than the best, and certainly it wasn't pleasant what rumors claimed that happened to such notorious Blackguard.

Five hours and five minutes, after thinking so much time went fast, and there had to be something... something to raise her morale, to make her life worth, and thus she decided to get up. Raising from her single bed, she acknowledged the mess her room became, littered with empty bottles of alcoholic beverages, and were it not the air-conditioner, it would be stinking as much as a trench without porta-potties.

' "When will I get some damn mission?" ' was a recurrent thought, a hope that every time she got up from her bed renewed despite the long time it passed, enough for her to no longer feel herself confident about her skills than back when she was on active duty. Maybe insanity would come, but waiting could be worth. Still on her pajamas, sighing, she sat on the chair next to her computer, hoping she would find an encrypted mail or something. As soon as she turned it on, the screen of the operating system already showed up, and immediately she checked her e-mails to see there was... nothing.

' "So this is it. Again I waste half of a day drunk, a quarter playing this multiplayer thing and the other quarter hanging out aimlessly to try forgetting what I am becoming." '

Again she entered on Fall Spanien for a multiplayer match. Again everyone decided to make a 1 vs. 29 because they claimed her gaming skills were unbalancing the match, and again, like if recreating the Winter War, she managed to wound round after round, until they gave up and kicked her from the server... and again she escaped briefly the worries of reality as she played such game.

Then the doorbell rang.

' "Probably spam mail delivery, or a damn annoying Jeovah Witness" ' she thought, as she got up, and not caring to change her clothes, went through the corridor and through the entrance door of her apartment wearing only a pajama, as she asked:

"Who is there?"

"Are you Julie Holloman? I have a private mail for you."

A private mail... perhaps it could be, perhaps not, but her urge was so large that immediately she opened the door, seeing a mailman with a extremely large box next to him.

"Get inside!" he said, pointing to the box.

"Is this a joke? Do you think I am getting inside a large mailbox wearing pajamas because a stranger told me to do?" She immediately replied back, as her alertness raised on the possibility such was a sort of serial killer, and if so, she would better deal with him accordingly, by killing him. Every hand gesture, every movement of him was now being tracked by her eyes and by her mind, as she prepared to dodge any attempt to knock her down.

"Come one Julie! Did you spent so much time that you forgot about me?" the mailman replied back as he took off his hat, revealing his curly brown hair, and took an ID from his wallet to show her.

"Logistical operator Robert? So am I getting on active again? Then why the box?" Julie immediately asked, lowering her guard as she realized who he was. One of the quartermasters of the Blackguards training center in the Bacconi Woods, he certainly was very adept at being discrete, although that surely sounded weird.

"See Julie... seems like whoever gave you this mission don't want you to know the way towards him or her. I don't know much, it's like the old rumors... but you heard nothing of me, right?"

"Right, but how are you going to lift me by your own?

And it came like room service, a mission, at last... but what sort of room service would knock down a customer with a baton? Costumary Blackguards initiation, but after that, it wasn't supposed to happen again. Of course, lowering her guard she did not notice as another man hit her back with the baton, and she felt herself fading away, until passing out completely as Robert stuck her with an electroshock prod.

As her eyes opened, she slowly came to her senses again, and the first thing Julie noticed was that she still wore her pajamas, the second that she was laying down on a bed exactly like hers, and inside a room exactly like her bedroom. Even the scenery from the window was the same.

' "Oh shit, this was all a dream" ' she realized, and began to raise from her bed. Then she felt there was something aching on her back, and immediately began to touch it, feeling a bruise from what could only be the knock of a baton or prod. Immediately she headed towards the window, and immediately her keen eyes noticed that the scenery was nothing but a sort of projection over a flawless cinema-like cloth. Someone really went too far. Even the exact way the bottles of alcohol, the exact brand names of each of them. They have made a perfect copy of her bedroom.

Worried it could be part of someone's insane mind, Julie immediately headed to her closet, and opening it, she then pulled the third drawer inside it to the left, and beneath her underwear, in the same price she put it before, he custom P70 pistol was, or perhaps another one. A psycho playing games with her wouldn't let things that easy, and thus such possibility was immediately dismissed. But the gun gave her safety, and thus she took it with her, and released its safety.

The door to the corridor of her apartment was the next step, but it was not only locked, but its handle completely stuck, like if it was bolted. Struggling to open it, Julie sighed and began to handle its surface... it was metallic, like that of a blast door.

"What do you want?" she then shouted, in frustration.

"What do you want?"

"What do you want?"

It repeated, and no answer ever would come. Thirty minutes passed, and Julie sighed. There was no food there, and no water. She had to find a way out, but there seemed to be none. Perhaps it was a test, and thus she did the only thing she still hoped that would work. Searching every inch of the bedroom for clues.

Nothing under the bed, nothing in the minutes she wasted scouring her nightstand and closets, nothing in her computer desk, in her computer or even inside the computer, nothing in her cabinet, not even one hint of a hidden button to press or of what could be a trapdooor. Everything was exactly like her bedroom. Thus, she again opened her closet, looking at her dusty old black uniform, unused for an entire year, hanging on the closet.

' "All I wanted was a mission... all I wanted..." ' she thought, taking the uniform from the closet as she prepared to wear it again, to restart what she was shaped to do, and thus she putted her black pants, shirt and boots, and stood up, like if waiting. It was then, that all of a sudden the door opened, as she realized what they were waiting for her to do. Finally it was ending, and Julie then stared at the door in the other end of the metallic corridor that came, the door for everything to begin again.

She stepped through the corridor, looking at its metal frame, cold and featureless, and even more focused at the door ahead, at the mission that would be given to her. Hope was everything as she handled the doorknob, and moving it down, pushed the door ahead, seeing him again, Robert, who was stoically waiting for her, holding a black blindfold on his hands, as he immediately replied:

"Julie... you never saw this place, do you understand?"

Immediatelly, she realized what she was called upon. There was no other explanation. Indeed existed a shady part of the Blackguards focused on BlackOps, and now she was recruited into it, a black operation, completely unrecognized by any organization in the Confederacy. She didn't ask for what she knew, she simply replied:

"Yes, I understand. Now what is the mission?"

"I am taking you to a nation called Ulanpataar. A nation ruled by another police State, like that we are currently fighting against in Spain, a nation where people are actively fighting for their freedom. Your mission will be to serve as a covert military advisor to the revolutionaries, and to convince them of the benefits of an anarchist society, which you know what implies, more details will be given later. Now excuse me, but I have to blindfold and earmuffle you."

"Very well, guess I can't be entirely trusted, right?" she replied as she stepped up for it.

"No, but if you get caught and miss your pills, the least you know, the better." he explained, and thus he put the blindfold and earmufflers on her, and took her arm to guide her through the place.

Julie felt quite disorientated, and sometimes it was unsettling, but she followed on. Her expertise was espionage rather than tactics and strategies, but who was she to complain? It was that or nothing. Served for her like a dish, and eventually, after some steps up and down, and after feeling what could only be an elevator, she felt as the blindfold and earmufflers were removed, immediately perceiving the metallic and cramped surroundings of the place she was currently located as part of a submarine. Robert was next to a man she never saw in her life. He seemed to be on his late forties wearing sunglasses and a black suit, the sort that would probably serve as illustration in conspiracy theory webpages. Looking at her, like if trying to gauge her, he finally said:

"Julie, I see you have been the best of your Blackguard group into the Arctic Warfare training, Cultural and Ethnic impersonation and into Foreign Language lessons... and we need someone skilled like you on embracing an entirely different culture, on reshaping your persona over a foreign people... on understanding foreign cultures and perhaps even embracing them, permanently."

"Permanently?" Julie immediately asked.

"If you accept this mission, you shall become officially dead in the Confederacy registers, Julie. We have already planned the "accident" and your very burial... we won't recognize our existence if you step forward... it's a necessary sacrifice for the safety of your people and for the freedom of the peoples of the world. But it's not too late. I know we can trust you to keep this secret if you step back. So think well about it, because once this submarine leaves, which will happen in ten minutes, there will be no turning back. You'll have to readapt yourself to the culture of Ulanpataar, and to succeed in liberating it from tyranny or die trying. We will want you to oversee its transition into a truly free civilization. And to plant the seeds of anarchism there."

It was then that she saw what it conveyed. It was a special mission, a one-way ticket to what could be a cold hell, and to forfeit it could be equally an one-way ticket to mediocrity. It wasn't an easy choice, but she couldn't leave the war anymore, it was on her mind... the mind of a person taught to kill since she was twelve years old, and it couldn't ever vanish... for once Blackguard, always Blackguard.

"Yes, I accept it..."

"Oh... and you are really unsensitive, although the lack of mirrors and our overuse of anaesthesia may explain. In truth, it has been two months from when you first asked the mission," the man then said with a smile, "because we made a plastic surgery to make changes to your face that'll make look like a Pataari, some minor eye surgeries to shift your blood patterns and modified surgically your finger and footprints. We would just fix your documents if you refused, but now you are essentially untraceable. And don't worry, we will have all documentation ready proving you are a citizen of Ulanpataar before you arrive... Now you should focus on learning to speak Pataari without an accent, and their culture by extension."

"Wait? You reconstructed my face for this mission? Holy... I knew about the goal of keeping a facade of isolationism, but I never thought it would go that far... very well, I suppose I must get ready for this mission then, will you be my instructor?"

"Yes," the man in black said, "and this will be a long trip... I hope your learning skills haven't rusted.

Past midnight, a submarine covered in sound-ablating tiles silently moved beneath the thermocline heading away from the Confederacy west coast and towards the coast of Nikirtistuk. It would be a long travel, a part of a greater plan... a plan laid by people who did not know even themselves... by people who wore masks during their meetings in deep bunkers nobody knew the existence of, people who belonged to an Invisible Network, paving in secrecy the way for the future.

All that surfaced were conspiracy sites claiming Third Spanish States had a entire secretive segments of its navy, air and ground forces dedicated to Black Ops, but they were nothing... nothing but the works of paranoid conspiracy theorists. Some even working for the Network, making ridiculous claims about UFOs, aliens, Illuminati and Dinosaurs to hide the truth by ridiculing and exaggerating it.

Operation Fall Blau would then begin, an operation named by people who appreciated irony, and hid their existence through "LULZ" of having Black Ops transport planes named after Pokemons, among other things. Everything done to ensure their interventions would either be untraceable, or made under false-flag operaitons.

(OOC: More details coming into the next post. This deployment hasn't arrived yet)
26-02-2009, 04:17
Pataari Trade Master stood at a HIVE company board meeting, and his voice that was partially muffled by his face veil could be heard. "Members of the board, I am sure every single one of you know of this large scale treason that is plaguing our nation. That is the people who believe that they can bring our nation freedom, but they will only give us chains of hardship. They believe that they will succeed in this war, but they will eventually come to their knees. Even now we have our strongest fleet ready to strike the heart of this petty resistance. Even now we are hunting down the Trade Masters that dared to betray us--"
"How do you even know what they look like, have you seen -all- of us without our face veils?" Interrupted a minor trade master, but Trade Master 1 slammed his fist onto the table and motioned over the guards, who quickly grabbed the minor trade master by the shoulders and dragged him out of the room.
"--And we are mobilising a strong force in Ilaali, but we wait. We are stagnating a scourge to be set upon the traitorous curs. We have many citizens with PY sympathies, I hope you all set that all straight."

In a flurried mess of spluttering Pitailiwelare rose from a mass of water that was thrown onto him to wake him. He looked around the area dazed, but he saw the men point to his semi-automatic rifle standing by his bed and mentioning the Techno-Soviet embassy. Immediately he roused from sleep, and tried to dress up in his fatigues. He had many questions, but they must be answered at another time. Once he had his boots on they made way out of the building to the streets of Nikirtistuk. The first heavy snow seemed to be starting outside, but the wind was calm. The men hurried off to the Techno-Soviet embassy without talking. Once they reached the area one of the men spoke
"They still are in the embassy, lucky for them when you notice that their neighbours got blasted with mortar."
"Who are -- err, who were their neighbours?" said Pitailiwelare
"The Jalanese, poor souls, but anyway the Techno-Soviets need to be evacuated. I think snipers may have got the man we left behind."
The men watched a parade of men in veiled faces with their hands roped up be forced to kneel on their knees as the veils were ripped off and rounded up and they would be executed by rifles, but to conserve munitions a man walked up to each one and stuck them like a pigs with a bayonet, and they all squealed. After seeing that someone called attention to the embassy and they started to move towards it.
26-02-2009, 04:37
Most of the embassy staff had already been evacuated as the ambassador boarded the helicopter. One of the soldiers on board pointed to the tied up rebel sitting in the back, looking around anxiously.

"Sir!" the soldier yelled over the roar of the Blackhawk, "What should we do with him!"

"Its not worth keeping a prisoner! Sergeant, you know as well as me that our first priority is to try to evacuate; if the rebels share the same mistrust of communism as the government does there's no telling what they'll do to us if we're captured! We'll probably be executed!"

The soldier nodded, grabbing the prisoner by the collar of his uniform and half-dragging, half-leading him out of the helicopter. "Untie him and tell him to start running for the courtyard! If he can't understand that, start shooting at his feet and he should run off!" The sergeant said, dropping the man at the feet of his squad.

One of the more educated men crouched down, staring into the man's eyes before speaking to him in Pataari: "Hey dumbass, listen. Your buddies are swarming over the courtyard like locusts, so start running back to them before we have to shoot you."

The PY rebel's eyes widened, before he quickly clambered to his feet and took off running. One of the men unloaded several rounds from his MP7 into the air, yelling for him to run faster.

The same soldier turned to the sergeant, "Sir, we should start hauling some ass before those rebels actually find their man. They're probably armed with auto. rifles and SAWs. Might even have some grenades, either way we're outgunned and outnumbered."

"As if it's not obvious enough!" the sergeant said. Emphasizing his point, a couple rifle rounds flew through the air, tearing large bullet holes into the wall behind the soldiers.

Unfazed, the sergeant turned and nodded to the soldier. "You wanna start running or do you wanna end up dying from a lucky shot by some militiaman?"

The soldier shrugged. The sergeant motioned for his comrades to follow and they sprinted towards the chopper, which was already hovering a few feet off the ground, readied for a quick dustoff.
28-02-2009, 04:22
A young man rang up a hill's path to a neighbouring house. As he looked up the path to see a small steady pillar of smoke rise from the building, a sure sign that someone was there, he landed his foot on a rock in a odd way and twisted his ankle. In a moment of pain he stopped, but the man continued further onto the path to the house. He stopped at the door to gain his breath and knocked on a wooden pillar by the entrance flap of hide. A wizened voice spoke and bade him to enter. The young man took a deep, respectful, to the communities elder, his family grew small from the Rebaltion war and so they essentially become part of the elder that sat in front of the young man's family. The Elder looked to be around in his eighties and sported a tangled white beard that drifted to the floor from his seat in front of a small fire, he started to speak to the young man.
"[i]Yoktau, I am glad to see that you have returned, have you made your choice, Nikopyakolu?"
"I have, Elder Amaak, I will sign up to take arms up against the Foreigners. I will be among the ranks of the Air Forces."
"They are not foreigners, but I understand your position, they are a tool for ZaKomnia to rule over or land and people. And as a pilot you have no time to make idle talk with me, even from this window I see the hint of those people's fleet by the horizon. Go with luck, for I wish to see you again."
Nikopya bowed and left the building to go to the Airbase.
Pitailiwelare looked up to the heavens to see the escaping aircraft, wondering what in the name of the gods had possessed the Soviets. But as he though that he was tackled by a man who embraced him, and spoke
"Those men were mad, I say to thee, mad! But they did not harm me, so I am happy. The city seems to fare well, what what shall be done now?"
"They must have been mad, look how quickly they left, and it hasn't even gotten cold yet. Some forces have been ordered to stay here to keep the peace and pacify the small number of remaining ZaKomnists. We are sent to the rails to go to Nalunairun, as Port Yuko is getting ready for a stoic defence against those people, and we shall be prodding our way south to Anuarsor, and I hear that there is a great deal of men that shall reinforce us in Unvasiktok. Let us now walk to the rails, feel free to eat some ration wafers on the way." Said Pitailiwelare, and the men nodded.
28-02-2009, 04:40
IC: FSSU expresses it's great concern to the civil war that has errupted in the Utmost High and Serene State of Ulanpataar and the civil wars which are errupting in other regions and nations in the global world. The FSSU position on the civil war in the Utmost High and Serene State of Ulanpataar is neutral, however the parliament of the Federation of Serbian Soviet Union passed a resolution regarding the civil war in Ulanpataar and it's position on the civil war.

A resolution contains the basic foundations of neutrality in the civil war in Ulanpataar and it's position.

1. FSSU will not intervene in the war and will discourage any nation that intends or has intervened in the civil war in Ulanpataar going against the nation's sovereignty and it's rights

2. FSSU will support the Ulanpataar's stance on the civil war

3. FSSU will respect the territorial integrity of Ulanpataar and it's sovereignty

4. FSSU will be discussing a financial aid agreement with the high officials of Ulanpataar with the assistence of providing aid with the reconstruction of Ulanpataar which have been heavily damaged by the civil war that has errupted.

5. All seperatism in Ulanpataar will strongly be discouraged and lobbied against in the international

6. No Millitary of such will be sent to Ulanpataar


Foreign Relations Minister
28-02-2009, 04:47
OOC: Who exactly was that sent to?
Pataari Trade Master 45 grumbled, he had high ambitions of being the leader of the Fishing sector. Instead he just ended up being a post master general. He sorted through the most recent batch of Mail sent to Iyaroak, sending some to the fires, and other to the censors. As he sorted the papers he reached a letter with "Serbian Soviet Union Foreign Relations Ministery" in bold on the front. He sighed as he took a momentary look at the letter and tossed in to the conveyor to send it on it's way to incinerate, and continued on with his repetitive task at hand. He stopped with the thought of never going back to the job but a intercom yelled at him to continue,. The worst thing is how the organisation was short staffed to only hi even since the beginning of the war, but it sure as hell was better than being a grunt fighting against the PY, and it was a blessing in itself that the closest that Iyaroak has come to the war was the fleets that have been sent out to Port Yuko.
"How the hell didst thou gather all this urotropine, hydrogen peroxide, and the citric acid to make this? What did you use as a plasticiser?" said a shocked teenager looking looking at a suitcase lined with roundish bricks of white explosives with headphone cords threaded through them to his father, he knew that we would not see his father again, but seeing the great lengths his father had taken to do this he could only show respect. The wires were connected to a record player man spoke as he peppered roofing nails into the suitcase "It has taken me a long time, my son, and I am being conscripted, so I have little choice. I shall be the tool of the destroyer of obstacles, Iyari, and I bid thee farewell. Good bye." it could be seen that he broke into small tears as he patted his teenaged son before looking out to Iyaroak though his window and closed the suitcase and stood up. The man said goodbye to his son and left the apartment building. The man walked walked down the road to Awalialak square with a fast pace that was bolstered with the man's concept of his own fate. As he squeezed through the crowd he fumbled for the record play and closed his eyes in contemplation as he had his hand over the 'play' button. He smiled and his opened his eyes and forced the button down, and quickly the crowd was thrown into chaos as fire and nails tore through them.
01-03-2009, 19:02
As Nikopya walked to the airbase he watched missile launch in salvos, the missiles were from Statia. He remembered their word for them, Harpuns, he thought they were called. Along with the missiles coastal guns pounded rounds into the horizon, it was impossible to tell if they made their mark, but he hope to the gods that they did and did not run short of munitions. But as his mind drifted watching the truthfully small salvos launch to the fleet someone poked him, and he turned around to see that it was one of the air fields' officers, so Nikopya stood and saluted he asked him if it was time to get his plane ready and the man nodded. Niko quickly stood and ran to he plane, a jet fighter from the early days of jet aeroplanes. The plane was aged, but it still ran well, it had a silvery paint colour on it with a small row of red sickles and hammers and the name painted yellow 'kutullapuq' in the Pataari syllabic alphabet on it side. The pilot quickly went to work to tend to the planes needs of repair.
Pitailiwelare looked over the hilltop and to the lands in the distance, wind whiped his long black hair towards the lands. He heard a column of tanks and supply trucks moving below the point he was at and the sound of his men's boots crunching the snow to catch up to him. As soon as one of them men made it to him he open his eyes and stood from his meditation. Pita pointed down the ridge, that is where the men will be going. Pita's division was sent to take lands that could not be taken by rail. Even though as they walked there were men many more kilometers south of him. As the men trudged on they heard a shot below and the men dived to a prone stance to look below, and through his scope pita saw three people shooting at the convoy. He told every one of their location and told them to wait before opening fire. Soon enough the men's head rose from behind a rock and Pita lowered his hand as a signal to fire. Due to their significant distance from the men, maybe 150 meters away, the team missed on one man, but two people below where thrown to the ground to go limp as they were smitten with rounds. The last man raised his hands and ran way from the group, but someone shot at him to keep to from running away and hit his knee.

Pita smiled at his men's success and continued walking down the ridge with the column of tanks. Within 48 hours they would be at a controlled town for good rest, which was their main motivation to keep moving.
08-03-2009, 21:19
Pitailiwelare wiped his brow after eating a strange local food at a inn. His men were no longer in the land of the Pataari, even though they were still in Ulanpataar. The men and women who walked around in the southeastern parts identified themselves as the Atheli, who were identified by many by their language which had several click noises incorporated within it that made them seem so foreign to everyone surrounding them. They are the largest minority group in Ulanpaataar, consisting of around thirteen and a half percent of the nation's men and women. Several groups of the Atheli people resisted against the PY, under the rationale that they represented the cementation of Pataari culture upon their land once they reign over it. But many saw the PY as an ally to aid them in ridding the corrupt influence of the Trade Masters and their culture over their people. Regardless the fighting become more and more rough for PY men as they trudged through the eastern part of central Ulanpataar.

As Pita thought about the struggle that it took just to reach this town and reminiscing about the march down he heard someone kick open the heavy wooden door of the inn, he turned to see that someone had two sub machine guns in their hands and hand a rabid look of desperation upon their face. He did not wear a face veil, it was a Atheli militant, so immediately Pita dived towards a window as he half-heartily motioned for his men to follow him. He heard the man start to open fire and screams of protest begin to start from the men as he began to jump through the air. Pita plunged through the window and began to loudly wince because of the lashes that the broken glass had caused him as he fell to the gravel below. He could not land right in time and quickly crashed head first in a pile of gravel, he rose a few moments later still mighty sore and made off to the horizon away from the inn. His teeth were chattering as he stumbled through drifts of snow and piles of gravel, but he completely halted his movement as he heard bullets chipping at rocks around him.

Pita's heart began to thud painfully as bullets seemed to get closer as he put his entire strength to move forward. Behind him guns fired deafeningly, he could tell now they he had things much larger than a submachine gun firing upon him. As a barrage of blasts went off pita felt a strong and terrible blow strike his right shoulder, he crumpled to the ground for a moment to recover. But quickly he jumped up and started to run like he was mad, and horribly shocked. A great flash filled his peripheral vision with an explosion right behind him, and then he felt more thuds in his body. But he did not fall this time to recover, this time he continued tripping on the gravel and sobbing as he dashed forward. A much louder gun entered the chorus of rifle fire at his back and all he could think was a prayer to Iyari noting that big guns were on him now. In a moment of horror, he tripped and crashed down between two rocks as more shocking explosions rocked the earth by his heels. His right arm seemed to vanish into a hole in the ground and he could not move, despite his futile attempts at raising his body up with his now watery muscles. Another stattaco of rifle fire led to bullets pinging off the two rocks that he was wedged into and whine in the air as they bounced into distant air. It started to become apparent that he was laying there just waiting for the men to come up to him to finish him off, but they never did. He fell asleep as a chilly wind swept over him, but he kept himself awake as he became more and more cold. After a while he realised what had just happened was true and that he was dying in his mind Feeling was coming back to him, and there was no pain by a pumping in his shoulder like an artery. He drifted into a reverie of him playing Oataliyak, a popular ball game, in Port Yuko when he was a small boy. He remembered twisting his ankle and he had tried to play on. He heard some adult say that he had guts. He remembered now. It was not guts to lay down and die. He contemplated on what to do, and it seemed that for self respect he must make one last effort. He tried to move and found that his left arm was fairly effective, so he pushed it to the ground and forced himself into a sitting position. Out of the shade he could see bullet holes in his left forearm and a lot of blood. His right shoulder seemed to be in a confounded mess, what he could see of it, and he thought that his arm was nearly off. He lamented "Oh gods, I'll be one armed." he paused for a moment of sobbing and stopped "By damnation, it doesn't matter being one-armed if I am a bloated corpse."

With his left arm he pulled his shirt over his head and clumsily twisted it tightly around his shoulder. Soon he straggled to his feet chattering in the cold and walked straddle legged towards many pillars of smoke that he had recognised as the town. He walked forward for a distance and blacked out. He later recovered and continued walking. But as he had gone forward the blackouts became more severe and came much more often. He grunted as he collapsed onto the ground.

A strange and bizarre distorted racket woke him, he watched a scene of people run around him yelling commands that he could not make sense of, but he was raised onto a stretcher and loaded onto an old helicopter. As we watched the drifts of snow go into a blur outside the helicopter bay as loud propellers chopped into the air above
His daydreams drifted into his first time catching a fish, and when he learned how to throat sing, but as he reminisced more the memories seemed more and more muted under the noise of the helicopter's blades and he slumped into full sleep.
08-03-2009, 22:26
Nikopya gulped as he got his plane into the air, as the plane made it's way into the air he already saw the sights of battle lay before him. Missile and shell ammo was starting to thin out on the coast, but the HIVE fleet still stood formidably in the waters below. They were thinned to a degree, but they still seemed to be the embodiment of the loss of hope as they moved towards the people of Port Yuko. Niko watched mines drop in black swarms to the waters below, and already some sprouts of water rose from the depths, maybe from submarines. Every torpedo that could be armed in the area was loaded upon a plane or a civilian ship. The fleet fired a salvo and a crowd of squadron mates started diving as pillars of smoke started to rise from spots where they were hit with flack or missiles. As they dived many dropped their entire stock of weapons onto their fleets and aimed their ships to the best of their ability to strike at a ship. Niko saw a HIVE plane and started to move away from it, he did not know how to run the plane well so he just moved from the area and from the plane that was chasing him. Nikopya's heart raced as he watched three rockets fly in the air above him. He smiled with relief as they streaked by, but in a moment they turned around towards him. The inexperienced pilot quickly veered around and prayed to his gods as his fingernails dug into the control yoke of the plane. He tried a few acrobatic things but only ended up nauseous. As he turned the plane around he did not see the enemy plane behind him, with three missiles that were increasingly closer to him. The pilot's guess is that the enemy was ordered to assault a specific area. The battle was distant, but he could see smoke already rising from several buildings on this coast line. Nikopya watched the missiles, now they were even closer to the plane and he was left with the decision to eject into coastal waters or be too slow to do that and be consumed into the brutal fires of the missiles that persistently kept behind him. As Nikopya bit into his lip he decided to eject, despite his apprehension because he could not swim well. He flipped open the trigger and pressed the button down as he kept a tight grip on the seat cushion that was supposed to be a flotation device. Within an instant he opened his tightly closed eyes to see that he was high in the air and the jet plane was in a spiralling stall as the three missiles honed into it, leading into a blinding and stunning explosion that seared the air below him. Soon after he felt the parachute violently open and he was starting to make his nauseating descension to coastal seas below.

As he lowered to the waters he watched the distant scene, and it did not bode well. He could see the unholy devastation left behind from naval salvos on the coast, he could see civilians fighting raging fires that crept from some of those buildings futily. He could see the sinking empty shells that once were fishing ships that were called into service against the HIVE. The only thing he could try to say has he kept the seat cushion to his side as he descended to the sea was a multitude of prayers made out to Yaasur, he who makes the villains of the world be smited. Nikopya disregarded his survival, he just wanted to see the HIVE pay bitterly for what they have done. But as he thought that he felt water seep into his socks and he started to panic as his eyes went wide. He dropped the cushion into the sea and tried to hold as tight as he could onto it. He paused for a moment to take off the parachute kit and survey. He could see the shore, but it was maybe slightly under a kilometer away. He took a deep breath to stop his panicking and started to kick his way to shore.

OOC: Well this has to be continued, with or without the aid of the Third Spanish States, I plan to make this thread become more active. And, the 'th' in 'Atheli' and 'atheli' names represents a dental click, like the 'tsk' sound you would call a dog with. By the way I am open for anyone to attempt to intervene, so this can be considered 'open'.

Time for a random fact, here are the the rough number of ethnicies that constitute the population of Ulanataar:
59.6% - Pataari
13.4 - Atheli
9.5 - Kubani
9.2 - Kronejan
8.3 - Goysin and related peoples
13-03-2009, 22:33
OOC: Opened a poll, feel free to make a IC post elaborating your nations position. Also feel free to comment on my screwing around to use 'thou'.
14-03-2009, 17:16
Nikopya gasped in air to his lungs to feed his immensely fatigued legs more oxygen, he started to breathe like a fish stuck on a boat. But he could see that the shore was closer. But it seemed so far, in between his deep breaths he prayed for Iyari to clear his obstacles to any degree. But his legs where getting too tired as he paddled on. He pulled his whole body onto the cushion and sat as comfortably he could get with being soaking wet. The currents picked up the cushion and it seemed to guide him slowly towards the shore. He cold feel his legs' strength steadily bolster. But resting seemed so much like sleep, especially considering that day was breaking. He had to use all his willpower to stay awake, so he kept his balance on the cushion. But in a moment he had decided that he was ready to paddle again, so he did. It seemed like it was the last hundred meters, so he use all his strength to go forward. As he closed his eyes he paddled with every mote of strength he could muster, and surprisingly when he raised his head he looked up to see a beach. He tried to stand, but it seemed that his legs were too tired. And once he got to shore he had realised how cold he was, he did not have the strength to go farther ashore so he had simply collapsed and shivered himself to sleep.
There was a rush of action as a helicopter landed by a field hospital, people shouting at others to get various tools to fix up the newest batch of people sent back from Athel. The one man who was the most injured moan from his tent as nurses and orderlies scattered around to tend to his rather grievous injuries. A doctor walked up to him and talked to a orderly to gather information.
"Give me this man's name and a summary of his injuries." said the Doctor.
The orderly's head retreated into a note book and he started talking "Severe hypothermia which has been treated, expect the loss of two of his toes through frostbite. One pistol round in his right shoulder along with two rifle rounds. Two rifle shots in his left forearm, and then there is 15 pieces of scattered shrapnel from what we think is was a grenade, one piece has chipped one of his lower vertebrae and has came to rest right by it. He has moderate blood loss and we think we have gotten to him too late, there is a high chance for him to not survive."
"Try as hard as you can keeping this poor git alive for two days. If he does not show signs of improvement you all know exactly what to do with him. He will have to lose his right arm, doesn't he?"
The orderly bowed "Yes, sir, and yes he probably will have to."

Another random fact, Ulanpataar is approximately 120,001 Zhd^2 or 587,041 km^2 large, and it houses a population of about 150,524 people.
22-03-2009, 03:41
Nikopya's eyes opened widely from his dazed slumber as warm hands gripped tightly onto his wrists, it almost seemed as if their warm embrace was deafeningly loud to niko, but he soon recognised the sensation of being lifted onto a stretcher and being carried down to some camp. He soon took notice of a pleasantly warm woollen blanket being draped onto him, so he resumed his rest with a pleasant look on his face.

When he woke again Nikopya woke in a comfortable state in a cot standing by a fire, around him sat many other people doing things to occupy their time like playing cards. He watched this for a while until he fully woke up and started asking questions to some of the men.
"Is this Pataari Yapulapu?" said Nikopya, and the man who he spoke to nodded and replied after taking a drag from a cigarette.
"Yes, this is." and then he took another drag before continuing "this is one of the bunkers on the hills overlooking Port Yuko, right now the plans of action are being made--" and he was interrupted by a exuberant man sitting next to the smoker.
"We face too many risks, the incursion they have made into Port Yuko have greatly weakened out forces, we are going to halt our push to the south tomorrow at about 30 zhaaduyit* north of Univistok to concentrate forces on defence, for any moment the HIVE will decide to push on from the city, and we shall be here to meet them. And despite our thinned air forces, our main option for quickly clearing their scourge from this land is to bomb those hounds out. "
Nikopya was shocked from hearing the plans, despite the fact that the city already stood against large scale bombing and shelling, he just imagines his family being consumed into fires that rage across the town. But his fears were calmed once he thoughts went on to visualising the silhouettes of HIVE soldiers who are seemingly dancing as they futilely put out the flames that were searing their flesh. He asked where the nearest officer was and followed towards the spot he was directed, a concrete bunker barely poking from the ground with a series of minor trenches surrounding it deeper into the wooded hills.

The pataari base unit for distance is the "Doysin" which is 1.1943285625 meters, the order in magnitude go in in 16ths, so the next longer unit, a Dezen, equals 16 (or 10 in base 16) Doysinit or 19.109257 m and the unit above that is a Tzadu and is 305.748112 meters long or 256 (or 100 in base 16) Doysinit. Zhaaduyit are a common method of long distance measurement and equal 4096 (or 1000 in base 16) Doysin or about 4,891.969 meters.
30 zdaduyit = 146.7 km
23-03-2009, 05:28
OOC: Octuple post!
Should I make the peace like N. / S. Korea, that will ultimately erupt or should I make the war to inexorably move it's way to Iyaroak like the Red Army making it's way to berlin, with much more resistance?
"Shit, look, get the damn guns. Stop stuttering, look at those confounded curs -- they are moving out of the city!" bellowed someone from a bunker, looking at a small column of tanks moving from the town. And at the very moment he spoke the bunkers sprung into life as if they were a dead frog that was hit with lightning. The ping of grenades being armed could be heard and several RPGs were readied. After a chorus of blasts maybe a third of the tanks then stood still, but the remaining tanks were taking aim at the hills. Screams of command could be heard as some armed men were seen by one of the bunkers and a deafening series of dry barks of rifle fire made it's way across the hills. Nikopya did not know what to do as he was still stuck inside the command bunker. He just watched the battle rage on and men stumble over radio buttons. The officer simply pointed to a hill, and Niko prayed to Yaazu, the lord of the machinations of destiny, as he pressed his soasak light machine gun to his chest as he made his way to the wooden cover as fast as he could. As he ran he heard the whizzing of bullets tearing through the air around him. He tripped over the wooden lip of the shelter and dive in. Mortar rounds scarred the area but the Liberation force did not falter, more and more HIVE men fell lifeless to the ground that was chillingly sodden with the blood of the dead. With a grimace he watched shells of strike shelters. More and more dirt clod flew into the air as if gravity was turned off. He no longer heard the resounding thuds of shells, in their place he just felt warm blood trickle from his ears.

More tanks came into the hills with trucks loaded with firing men came from the town, but hope was not lost, for the men did not even realise that they were surrounded. They just continued to fire at anything that tried to make its way through the hills by primal fires of instinct. The only only faltering that could be noted as more magazines were shoved into rifles. The column of tanks were now maybe 15 doysinit in front of Niko, they stood in front of him as if they were moving buildings that could not be stopped. But as they approached even more a vicious roar of a artillery battery could be heard from several field behind him and what was a advancing column of tanks was now a tall fire bomb. The fire seared Niko's eyes and he fell backwards from the blast. He woke to find that he was lying in a pool of crimson blood that was either his or his moaning comrade's that was to his left. Nikopya shrugged it off as the other man's, but once he stood he only saw a blurred sight of the battle field and a unbearable fire in his side. He made his way around the shelter to grab a rudimentary first aid kit and wrapped up the burning area. But he looked back up and he could not tell the situation, he just heard and saw the scenes as if he was listening from under a lake. And as he thought about it as his side continued to burn,he realised that something was dreadfully wrong with him and he huddled into a corner of the shelter to wait until the earth stopped rumbling.

Several orderlies lined around Pita in a semi-circle as he sat from his bed. The man seemed to be a thin and gaunt shadow of his former self. He looked full of pent up energy, despite that he was not missing his right arm all the way up to his arm and [...]
27-03-2009, 18:37
"Give me those, now." Ordered Pataari Trade Master 11, looking over at one of his aids holding a set of pictures.

The aid continued to do what he was doing and then the trade master spoke again "Now, I said," and the aid jumped up and gave the Trade Master the stack of pictures.

The trade master stared at them with suprise, they showed aerial reconnoissance photos of the area around Port Yuko. The land of his family, he remembered. But the area looked nothing like a place on Ulanpataar, nay it did not look like a place on earth. It looked like the gates of hell, every spot where a flower bloomed around lush green 'mooik a shell seemingly had to reduce to a pockmarked crater. But it was not that that shocked the Trade Master, it was the the sight of the actual city of Port Yuko. What was once beautiful streets where now scattered scorched bricks surrounding foundations in many places. He flipped through more pictures, but this time they were of Borod Ketul and showed the horrors of those who were sent there as dissidents of the state. The trade Master bit into his lip and left the building to go to a dimly lit radio room that was down a hall. In the radio room he ordered Armour Division 32 to go the heights a few zdaduyit northwest of Univistok. The radio man complied, leaving the Trade Master to leave the structure.

Once out, The Trade Master took of his dark blue face veil and threw it into the wind and took a deep sigh before yelling into the wind "I renounce this title, it now burdens me with the evils of the HIVE. With or without the support of the Pataari Yapulapu I shall never rest untill I see Iyaroak to be once taken again by the Pataari People. Those people are no different from the communist dogs, I have seen the scourge they have laid upon our people. I shall be the second Tyonek, the one who staved off the greedy hands of Rebaltion before being killed by their ilk -- killed by a cowardly shot to his head. I am an agent of the single fate of our people, an agent of Yaazu, I shall be Yaazutzitekur, a gift upon the world of Yaazu." he paused for breath before shouting again. He continued yelling his promises to the gods to promise the sealing of Trade Master 1's fate. But as he spoke someone shouted at him, what seemed to be a police officer. At first Yaazutzitekur's heart paused for apprehension, and to primitively mourn for the loss of his life. But he still waited for the officer to make a action,and he only yelled at him to put his face veil on. But in a moment the officer raised a rifle to his shoulder and Tzitekur acted by instinct to pull out a dilapidated pistol and fired, but the Man did not immediately fall. He fired twice at the man, hitting him in the shoulder and the chest and then he fell.

Time seemed to slow as that man fell to the ground with a shower of his own blood, and as he fell Tzitekur ran with all strength that could be mustered from his legs towards the hill that he promised to be at. His sides started to burn as he continued running in the cold, but he ran on. But the burning persisted and he had to pause for breath, so he hunched over to breath only to see that some man, who was probably another guard, following him and a jeep ahead of him. With adrenaline pumping in his veins he jumped forward into the drivers seat and pounded the pedal into the floor.

He watched the man becoming smaller as the jeep went forward, he was driving recklessly through the streets of the edges of Univistok, but luckily due to the fact that it was in the middle of winter no merchants has set shop in the frigid air outside, so he hit nothing. As the jeep sputtered forward he arrived to the hill and jumped out to see the entire mobilised Division below the hill. Surprised heads poked out of tanks, logistics trucks, and infantry carriers to see a leader not wearing a face veil. They did not know what to do, so they just watched the Former Trade Master speak.
"Cast off your face veils, all of you. Showing service to the Trade Masters is treason to the Pataari, Ateli, and other peoples. These are now dire days for the Pataari Yapulapu, and I will not allow their defeat. The force that you all served under, the HIVE is only a different shadow of Rebaltion, and it represents the corrupt grip of foreign nations onto our nation. It is time again for the Pataari People to rule themselves, it is time for institutions like Borod Ketul to end, and it is definitely no longer the time for Pataari Trade Master 1. Follow my rule, men, and your actions shall be rewarding no matter the sacrifice made. The Ateli resistance shall soon be on this town, and in time the Pyayu* shall set for south again. The HIVE's defences are weak on the peninsula, and we shall carve the ZaKomnian influence from our nation."
The men nodded, some cheered, but those who disagreed already were running away from duty. Yaazutzitekur ran down from the hill into a tank, and sent the radio command to advance to the northwest. Treads started to tear the soil as the force continued, and the war was starting to close upon the entire nation.

Okay, so this is the ninth post in a row and due to the fact that there has been zero IC response to this strife, I think this may just be retconned under the decision of lacking a period of peace.
*The Pataari way of saying PY, instead of Pee-why//