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Trenton Shipbuilding

15-02-2009, 06:56
Trenton Shipbuilding
A division of Oured Shipbuilding Group

Trenton Shipubuilding located in southern Angaor we are the largest maker and designers of cruise ships in Angaor. We have been constructing vessels for over 90 years and continue our tradition of excellence today. We also design and build merchant vessels, specialised vessels and luxury yachts.

We own and opreate 5 shipbuilding yards 3 in southern Angoar. One in northern Angaor and one northwestern Angaor.

We consist of several divisions.

Cruise & Ferries Division
The cruise & ferries division are responsible for the designing and building of cruise ships. We build small size cruise ships to super luxurious cruise ships. This division is also responsible for building ferries we specialise in building double ended ferries and roll on/roll off ferries. We also build cruiseferries.

Merchant Vessels Division
Responisble for the building of merchant vessels we build numerous merchant vessels for a number of shipping companies. We design and build all kind of merchant vessels from bulk carriers to supertankers.

Offshore & Specialised Vessels Division
The offshore and specialised vessel division produces ships field support, subsea support, Arctic vessels, and fishing vessels. We have built all of angaor government researching vessels.

Luxury yacht & Sailing Division
The division design to build multimillion dollar yachts and sail boats. We have been known for our excellence designing luxurious yachts We have built yachts for the rich and elite. We also build racing sail boats.

Maritime Security Division
Division create to help shipping companies deter and eliminate piracy on the high seas. We offer special security teams to be deploy on ships that will be traveling in high areas with frequent risks of a pirate attack. We also offer packages to help equip ships with equipment to defend against attacks.
15-02-2009, 06:57
Cruises and Ferries Division

Independence Class Cruise Ships

The Independence class cruise ships are the grandest, most magnificent ocean liner ever built by Trenton Shipbuilding These ships are built with excellence in mind. They are examples of every detail of what the golden age of sea travel is. While insuring the best in modern travel experience can buy from port to starboard, bow to stern. you will discover 14 spacious decks in which your traveller's relax and experience the world on. Indulge and take part of adventures that they wouldn't have imagine. With Opulent public areas, extravagant dining rooms, ballrooms, theatres, lounges...even a planeturiem.


B]Length:[/B] 1,332 feet
Beam: 145 feet
Draft:32 feet 10 inches
Height (Keel to Funnel): 236.2 feet
Gross Tonnage: 155,500 gross tonnes
Guest Capacity: 2,850 Normal capacity
3,256 maximum capacity
Cruise Speed: 28.5 Knots
Power: 157,000 horsepower, environmentally friendly, gas turbine/diesel electric plant
Propulsion: Four pods of 21.5 MW each; 2 fixed and 2 azimuthing
Strength: Extra thick steel hull for strength and stability for Transocean crossings
Stabilizers: two sets
Cost: $825 Million

Combining classic elegance with a stylish, contemporary flair, Independence Class staterooms and suites provide a lovely home base for seeing the world. And with room for up to 2,800 guests

Almost three quarters of her rooms have a private balcony. Grill accommodation offer more space and more amenities, from our comfortable Presidental
Suites to glorious Duplex Apartments. Even her interior staterooms provide tasteful decor, rich wood furnishings and details. We can provide the funishings or you can tell us what funishings you would like in the ships. you can have one of our pre-made designs in the rooms or you can design them yourself.

Shives Suites- The Largest rooms in the ships are designate Shives suites in Royal Angaorian Cruise Lines these rooms are usually the most expensive and extragant
Shives Grand Duplex Suites: 2,249 sq. ft.*
Jameson Suites: 1,566 sq. ft.*
Sandbrigde Suites: 1,471 sq. ft.*
King's Suites: 1,194 sq. ft.*
Presidental Suites: 858 sq. ft.*
Royal Suites: 796 sq. ft.*
Penthouse Suites: 758 sq. ft.*
Queens Suites:506 sq. ft.*

Prince Suites- offer elegant comfort and personal service
Princess Suites: 381 sq. ft.*
Prince Suites: 325 sq. ft.*

Verusa Club-For something just a little more special
Verusa Club: 248 sq. ft.

Prince Suites- offer elegant comfort and personal service
Princess Suites: 381 sq. ft.*
Prince Suites: 325 sq. ft.*

Angaorian Staterooms-Standard staterooms are anything but ordinary on Independence Class they're spacious and gracious
Deluxe Balcony Staterooms: 248 sq. ft.*
Premium Balcony Staterooms: 269 sq. ft.*
Standard Oceanview: 194 sq. ft.
Inside Staterooms with Atrium view: 161 sq. ft.
Standard Inside: 155 sq. ft.

*Means Balcony

We have design 12 dining restaurant in the ships which you can have them themed yourself or have one of our premade design placed in them.

Onboard Entainement
7 Bars and lounges
2 Nightclubs
1 large pool
1 Spa
Basketball court
Shopping center
5 Screen Movies
and more depending on requirements

Security & Safety
All ships come designated with a security center with a opreations room and gun cases(depending on if you arm security personell) and holding cells. All balcony come equiped a motion sensor to detect a passenger overboard.

The ship's hospital center is a 24 bed hospital ready to treat any medical condition. The hospital also have 100 bed overflow in cases of any emergency
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Merchant Vessels Division
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Offshore & Specialised Vessels Division
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Luxury yacht & Sailing Division
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Maritime Security Division