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Operation: Undermine (Secert IC)

The Steppe Empire
14-02-2009, 07:05
The Hyperborians were always watchful for anything Their mortal enemies, the Terran Federation, was doing. But the Hyperborians were never trusting of the Terrans, who had no honor among them, do it was time to end the state of war with The Terrans in only one way, The Hyperborian way.


a Large scale Invasion was not of the question for now, as The Hyperborians were preparing Defenses in case war erupted. So it would be for the Hyperborians to launch a Covert raid against the Terrans near their own border worlds.

The Hyperborian Khanate had be testing out new ships classes and one ship was to be used: The Shu'Uasi Class Marauder Ship ( this new ships had four Phased polaron beam Cannons, and could fire both chroniton torpedoes and transphasic torpedoes. It was fast and made for lightning attacks on enemy ships and space stations.

One Ship, The Fang-Wu, was being readied for it's mission against The enemy.

Time to test it out.
The Steppe Empire
14-02-2009, 19:37
The Steppe Empire
14-02-2009, 19:48
Facts about The Shu'Uasi Class Marauder Ships other parts.

6 Layered Shielding
10 Inch Reactive Armor against Missiles.
Temporal Field Projectors (To get through FTLi Fields)
Temporal Cloaking Device.
Level 0.4 Hyperdrive.
Crew of 200
Two Mal'Kani Class Starfighters in the Hanger.
101st paratroopers
14-02-2009, 22:18
ooc: only 200 crew?
Orthodox Gnosticism
15-02-2009, 02:05
OOC: Lots of Temporal... I wonder what the 4th deminsion, ie.... time... has to do with a fancy stealth system, or how Time can cut through FTLi, within a projected field?
The Steppe Empire
15-02-2009, 22:41
the Fang-Wu was prepared now, around the core world of Tengali, The Ship was now to embark on its mission to destabilize The Terran Federation Military and to keep Them from ever thinking of invading The Khanate.

Captain Gin-Jang was in command of the Ship, knowing that if this seceded, The Hyperborians would strike a blow to their mortal enemies and a victory over the Terran scum.

the Ship soon moved off, cloaking it self as it son jumped into Hyperspace.

Time for the raid had started
15-02-2009, 22:46
[OoC; I might just join in if this is joinable. I'll lurk for a bit.]
The Steppe Empire
15-02-2009, 22:56
It is